The HABRI Foundation is calling for research proposals to investigate the health outcomes of pet ownership and/or animal-assisted activity or therapy, both for the people and the animals involved. To learn more, visit close


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  1. Hund, Katze und Co—Tiere als Prävention und Therapie in der Humanmedizin

  2. Encouraging pet-friendly housing while protecting landlords from liability

  3. Improving secure occupancy in rental housing

  4. Renting with pets: a pathway to housing insecurity?

    Companion animals are rarely considered in rental policy or research. This absence belies their prevalence and growing centrality within practices of family and home, and persists despite evidence of links between companion animals and rental insecurity. This paper begins to address this gap....

  5. Dog Ownership, Attachment and Overall Wellbeing among Young Adults

  6. Contributory Role of Pet Attitude, Attachment Styles, Social Support and Loneliness in Well Being of Young Adults


  7. Using Interactions Between Children and Companion Animals to Build Skills in Self-Regulation and Emotion Regulation

  8. Development Benefits of Pets for Young Children. Final Report for the Delta Society.

  9. Companion Animal Bonding, Children's Home Environments, and Young Children's Social Development

  10. Pet loss and continuing bonds: An examination of grief reactions in adults and children

  11. Mourning the Loss of a Pet

  12. Exploring bereaved older adult pet owner's relationship and grief experiences following the death of a companion animal

  13. Complicated grief therapy in pet loss: A clinical case study

  14. Fare thee well: how to help owners (and yourself) deal with the death of a beloved pet

  15. Posttraumatic Growth Following the Loss of a Pet: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

  16. Posttraumatic Growth Following the Loss of a Pet

  17. Grieving the Loss of a Pet Needs the Health System Recognition

    Globally there is increased presence of pets in the households. This non-human relationship, with its dimensions of physical and emotional bonds, can get severely jolted on the death of the companion animal. It sets a feeling, ‘our life is now left with a void and the house feels utterly...

  18. The veterinarian's role in pet loss: grief education, support, and facilitation

  19. The attachment of humans to pets and their reactions to pet death

  20. Grief counseling for the pet owner: your role & additional resources