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  1. Aversion to nitrogen and carbon dioxide mixtures for stunning pigs

  2. Aversion to the inhalation of nitrogen and carbon dioxide mixtures compared to high concentrations of carbon dioxide for stunning rabbits

  3. Plasma cortisol and noradrenalin concentrations in pigs: automated sampling of freely moving pigs housed in the PigTurnReg. versus manually sampled and restrained pigs

  4. Stability of social hierarchy in growing female pigs and pregnant sows

  5. Apparent prevalence of swine brucellosis in feral swine in the United States

  6. Linking the social environment to illness in farm animals

  7. A review of the welfare consequences of surgical castration in piglets and the evaluation of non-surgical methods

  8. Impact of social stress during gestation and environmental enrichment during lactation on the maternal behavior of sows

  9. Qualitative behavioural assessment of emotionality in pigs

  10. Effect of genetic homogeneity on behavioural variability in an object recognition test in cloned Gottingen minipigs

  11. Relationship between backtest and coping styles in pigs

  12. Effect of increasing temperature on space requirements of group housed finishing pigs

  13. The welfare of growing pigs in five different production systems in France and Spain: assessment of health

  14. Effect of marginal environmental and social enrichment during rearing on pigs' reactions to novelty, conspecifics and handling

  15. Identifying reasons for stun failures in slaughterhouses for cattle and pigs: a field study

  16. WSPA and APSRI humane slaughter programme in China: STEPSReg

  17. Pigs and humans : 10,000 years of interaction

  18. A novel method for lifting weanling research pigs

    It is possible to modify lifting techniques in small laboratory pigs to evoke less of a fear response, strengthen the human-animal bond, and improve welfare. The authors hypothesized that recently weaned pigs lifted with a ventral (belly) scoop method would show less fear of new humans and less...

  19. Farmers' and advisers' representations of animals and animal welfare. (Special issue: Ethics in animal agriculture.)

    Animal welfare constitutes an increasing social demand, and is an ethical preoccupation both for farmers and advisers. The way cattle, pig and poultry farmers and technicians imagine their own occupation, animals and animal welfare was hence studied. Some ideas appeared to be widely shared:...

  20. Measuring animal well-being