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  1. Review of 'Pets and the Elderly: The Therapeutic Bond'

    Contributor(s):: Morycz, Richard

  2. Natural activity: An explorative study of the interplay between cage-birds and older people in a Swedish hospital setting

    Contributor(s):: Falk, Hanna, Wijk, Helle

  3. Characteristics of ageing pets and their owners: dogs v. cats

    Contributor(s):: Heuberger, R., Wakshlag, J.

  4. Older people: The effect of activities on their social interactions

    Contributor(s):: Riggs, Anne, Mott, Sarah

  5. Pet therapy and institutionalized elderly: a study on 144 cognitively unimpaired subjects

    Contributor(s):: Colombo, G., Buono, M. D., Smania, K., Raviola, R., De Leo, D.

  6. Pet-therapy: a trial for institutionalized frail elderly patients

    Contributor(s):: Stasi, M. F., Amati, D., Costa, C., Resta, D., Senepa, G., Scarafioiti, C., Aimonino, N., Molaschi, M.

  7. Behaviour of fast- and slow growing broilers to 12 weeks of age and the physical consequences

    Contributor(s):: Bokkers, E. A. M., Koene, P.

    Behaviour of broilers up to 6 weeks of age has been studied extensively, but little is known what happens after 6 weeks. Insight in the behavioural abilities after 6 weeks may also yield insight in the period before 6 weeks as the disbalance between motivation and physical abilities is more...

  8. Editorial: Memory and loss

    Contributor(s):: Rowland, Christopher V., Jr.

  9. Effects of animal-assisted therapy on agitated behaviors and social interactions of older adults with dementia

    Contributor(s):: Richeson, Nancy E.

  10. Exploring human/animal intersections: Converging lines of evidence in comparative models of aging

    Contributor(s):: Trojanowski, John Q., Hendricks, Joan C., Jedrziewski, Kathryn, Johnson, F. Brad, Michel, Kathryn E., Hess, Rebecka S., Cancro, Michael P., Sleeper, Meg M., Pignolo, Robert, Teff, Karen L., Aguirre, Gustavo D., Lee, Virginia M. Y., Lawler, Dennis F., Pack, Allan I., Davies, Peter F.

  11. Selective attention to humans in companion dogs, Canis familiaris

    Contributor(s):: Mongillo, P., Bono, G., Regolin, L., Marinelli, L.

    Integration into human societies requires dogs to express adaptable social attitudes, involving high levels of attention to other individuals. In the present study, we developed a new behavioural test, to characterize selective attention towards humans. In the task, the dogs were exposed to the...

  12. Aging with a disability: strategies for enabling occupational transitions

    Contributor(s):: Hunsberger, J., Shaw, L., Schweitzer, A., Burns, S.

  13. Pawsitive thinking

  14. Pet care. Geriatric dogs: aging is not an illness; it is a stage of life

    Contributor(s):: Mindell, E.

  15. Wisdom of the ages: hospitals seek out older volunteers

    Contributor(s):: Canada, J.

  16. Gerontological Society of America 2009 conference briefs: alternative and complementary therapies for healthy aging

    Contributor(s):: Richeson, N. E., Buettner, L. L., Rose, K. M., Burgener, S.

  17. Older Latinos, pets, and health

    Contributor(s):: Johnson, R. A., Meadows, R. L.

  18. Owners' perceptions of quality of life in geriatric horses: a cross-sectional study

    Contributor(s):: Ireland, J. L., Clegg, P. D., McGowan, C. M., Duncan, J. S., McCall, S., Platt, L., Pinchbeck, G. L.

    Quality of life (QoL) is increasingly recognised as a more important measure of treatment success than prolongation of life. Assessment of QoL may aid decision-making for treatment or euthanasia. This study aimed to evaluate owners' perceptions of factors affecting their horse's QoL and those...

  19. Psychological and social effects to elderly people by robot-assisted activity

    Contributor(s):: Shibata, Takanori, Wada, Kazuyoshi, Saito, Tomoko, Tanie, Kazuo

  20. Reminiscence and older adults

    Contributor(s):: Soltys, Florence Gray, Kunz, John A.