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  1. Equine-assisted therapy for anxiety and posttraumatic stress symptoms

    Contributor(s):: Earles, Julie L., Vernon, Laura L., Yetz, Jeanne P.

  2. Acute effects of intoxication and arousal on approach/avoidance biases toward sexual risk stimuli in heterosexual men

    Contributor(s):: Simons, Jeffrey S., Maisto, Stephen A., Wray, Tyler B., Emery, Noah N.

  3. The value of using metaphorical mirrors with alcoholics and addicts in treatment with a mutigenerational viewpoint

    Contributor(s):: Matkovich, Sue

  4. The protective association between pet ownership and depression among street-involved youth: a cross-sectional study

    Contributor(s):: Lem, M., Coe, J. B., Haley, D. B., Stone, E., O'Grady, W.

    Street-involved youth represent a particularly vulnerable subsection of the homeless population and are at increased risk of health problems, substance abuse, and depression. Qualitative research has demonstrated that animal companions help homeless youth cope with loneliness, are motivators for...

  5. Animal-assisted therapy for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

    Contributor(s):: Vincent, Brooke, Kropp, Caley, Byrne, Andrew M.

  6. How to do everything better.

  7. The risk profile of childhood leukaemia in Greece: a nationwide case-control study

    Contributor(s):: Petridou, E., Trichopoulos, D., Kalapothaki, V., Pourtsidis, A., Kogevinas, M., Kalmanti, M., Koliouskas, D., Kosmidis, H., Panagiotou, J. P., Piperopoulou, F., Tzortzatou, F.

  8. A focused ethnographic study of women in recovery from alcohol abuse

    Contributor(s):: Robbins, Leslie K.

  9. Effects of childhood adversity on bullying and cruelty to animals in the United States

    Contributor(s):: Vaughn, Michael G., Fu, Qiang John, Beaver, Kevin M., DeLisi, Matt, Perron, Brian Edward, Howard, Matthew O.

  10. Adult pets of alcoholics: Another underserved population

    Contributor(s):: Weinberg, Jon R., Schnapps, Blackberry

  11. Correlates of cruelty to animals in the United States: Results from the national epidemiologic survey on alcohol and related conditions

    Contributor(s):: Vaughn, Michael G., Fu, Qiang, DeLisi, Matt, Beaver, Kevin M., Perron, Brian E., Terrell, Katie, Howard, Matthew O.

  12. Vicious dogs part 2: criminal thinking, callousness, and personality styles of their owners

    Contributor(s):: Schenk, A. M., Ragatz, L. L., Fremouw, W. J.

  13. A case of primary progressive aphasia associated with depression

    Contributor(s):: Mahgoub, N., Avari, J.

  14. When is a Wistar a Wistar? Behavioral profiling of outbred Wistar rats from five different suppliers using the MCSF test

    Contributor(s):: Palm, S., Havermark, A., Meyerson, B. J., Nylander, I., Roman, E.

    The same strain of rats purchased from different suppliers may exhibit behavioral differences that could give rise to variability and deficient repeatability. We have previously demonstrated that outbred Wistar rats from different suppliers display striking differences in voluntary alcohol...

  15. Kresba za?arované rodiny

    Contributor(s):: Mat?j?ek, Zden?k, Strohbachová, Ingrid

  16. The association between pet care and deviant household behaviors in an Afro-Caribbean, college student community in New Providence, The Bahamas

    Contributor(s):: Fielding, W. J., Plumridge, S.

    The link between domestic violence, both at the household and personal levels, other deviant behaviors, and pet care was observed through survey responses from 641 college students in New Providence, The Bahamas. The "link" with domestic violence at the household level was found both when pets...