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  1. Nineteenth-century butchery and transport for a market economy: Plum Grove as a case study for commercial transactions in the Midwestern USA

    Contributor(s):: Reynolds, Cerisa R., Kendall, Bryan, Whittaker, William E., Charlton, Thomas H.

  2. Pan-grave faunal practices - Ritual deposits at five cemeteries in Lower Nubia

    Contributor(s):: Bangsgaard, Pernille

  3. Personal ornaments from the sepulchral cave of Grosse Ofnet (Germany): implications for the social organisation of the last Swabian Mesolithic societies

    Contributor(s):: Rigaud, Solange

  4. Subsistence activities at 19th-century shore whaling station sites in New Zealand and Australia: a zooarchaeological perspective

    Contributor(s):: James-Lee, Tiffany

  5. The food of the dead: alimentary offerings in the Etruscan-Celtic necropolis of Monterenzio Vecchio (Bologna, Italy)

    Contributor(s):: Maini, Elena, Curci, Antonio

  6. The role of birds as grave gifts in richly furnished Roman Iron Age inhumation graves c. 1-375 AD, eastern Denmark

    Contributor(s):: Gotfredsen, Anne Birgitte

  7. The versatility of bone, ivory and horn - their uses in the Sheffield cutlery industry

    Contributor(s):: Unwin, Joan

  8. Anthropology beyond humanity

    Contributor(s):: Ingold, Tim

  9. Considering living-beings in the Aceramic Neolithic of Cyprus

    Contributor(s):: Jones, Paula Louise

  10. Early Neolithic pig domestication at Jiahu, Henan province, China : clues from molar shape analyses using geometric morphometric approaches

    Contributor(s):: Cucchi, T.

  11. Notes on "Men, animals, and the law"

    Contributor(s):: Nader, Laura

  12. Paleoethology as a tool for the development of archaeological models of land-use : the Crimean Middle Palaeolithic

    Contributor(s):: Burke, A.

  13. Teu le va : toward a native anthropology

    Contributor(s):: Anae, Melani

  14. The animal which I am dying: Heidegger, Derrida, Agamben

    Contributor(s):: Mościcki, Paweł

  15. The cat: an unforeseeable project according to Bruno Latour

    Contributor(s):: Kostecka, Maja

  16. The non-existent animal: experimentum de hominis natura

    Contributor(s):: Żychliński, Arkadiusz

  17. "Enfermedad de indio": sobre el principio patogénico de la alteridad y los modos de transformación en una cosmología amazónica

    Contributor(s):: Barcelos Neto, Aristóteles

  18. A multi-species archaeology

    Contributor(s):: Hamilakis, Yannis

  19. A new synthesis : resituating approaches to the evolution of human behavior

    Contributor(s):: Fuentes, Agustín

  20. Body metamorphosis and animality: volatile bodies and boulder artworks from Lepenski Vir

    Contributor(s):: Borić, Dusan