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  8. Meeting and merging: painting animal/human encounters with medicine

    Contributor(s):: Jo Voysey

    My work focuses on the expressive potential of medicinal remedies as a medium for painting. My exploration is concentrated on aspects of the human relationship to animals in captivity and stems from a relationship I had with a caged bear when I was living in Georgia, Eastern Europe in 2011. The...

  9. Florence Willburn

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  10. Feral Animals and the Restoration of Nature

    Contributor(s):: King, Roger J. H.

  11. Lost Dog

    Contributor(s):: Steeves, H.P.

  12. At the Seashore

    Contributor(s):: Donovan, J.

  13. Animal people

    Contributor(s):: Hamm, Mary Rachael

  14. How science fiction helps us reimagine our moral relations with animals

    Contributor(s):: Clements, J.

    Science fiction has often been at the forefront of popular renderings and exploration of various "subaltern" groups, including that of nonhuman animals. I argue that science fiction's freedom from the boundaries of what is currently possible allows writers such as Mary Shelley, H. G. Wells,...

  15. Evaluating a website to teach children safety with dogs

    Contributor(s):: Schwebel, David C., McClure, Leslie A., Severson, Joan

  16. Bitch, Bitch, Bitch: Personal Criticism, Feminist Theory, and Dog-Writing

    Contributor(s):: McHugh, Susan

  17. Numbers and meat: cows, breeders and inspectors

    Contributor(s):: Joly, Nathalie

  18. Twelve Uneasy Pieces on Research and Therapy

    Contributor(s):: Richardson, Laurel

  19. A Wild Mustang Campaign Of 1879 In Pumpkin Creek Valley: The Memorandum Book Of James Robert Jacobsen

    Contributor(s):: Jackson, John C.

  20. Comments: More On Spanish War Dogs In Canyon De Chelly Rock Art: A Reply To Jett

    Contributor(s):: Dix, Agnes S.