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  1. Perceptions of Staff on the Addition of an Animal-Assisted Activity at a Regional Cancer Center

    Contributor(s):: Bibbo, Jessica

    This study was grounded in the emerging view of animal-assisted interventions as a complementary and alternative therapy for cancer patients. The study explored the perceptions of staff at a regional cancer center on the addition of a volunteer-based animal-assisted activity. The medical center...

  2. Staff members' perceptions of an animal-assisted activity

    Contributor(s):: Bibbo, J.

  3. Therapy Paws

    Therapy Paws is the only therapy dog group in Goodyear, AZ, the West Valley of Phoenix, and we exclusively provide therapy dogs to West Valley Hospital and Cancer Treatment Center of American, Eve’s Place, and Barnes & Noble. Some of our teams also visit Palm Valley Rehabilitation Center and the...