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  1. Efficacy of Blunt Force Trauma, a Novel Mechanical Cervical Dislocation Device, and a Non-Penetrating Captive Bolt Device for On-Farm Euthanasia of Pre-Weaned Kits, Growers, and Adult Commercial Meat Rabbits

    Contributor(s):: Jessica L. Walsh, Aaron Percival, Patricia V. Turner

    Developing effective and humane on-farm euthanasia methods is essential for all livestock industries to ensure that animals do not suffer and are killed humanely. Approved methods are lacking for commercial meat rabbits, potentially leading to poor welfare. We assessed several methods of on-farm...

  2. Vegetarian versus Meat-Based Diets for Companion Animals

    Contributor(s):: Andrew Knight, Madelaine Leitsberger

    Companion animal owners are increasingly concerned about the links between degenerative health conditions, farm animal welfare problems, environmental degradation, fertilizers and herbicides, climate change, and causative factors; such as animal farming and the consumption of animal products....

  3. Animal Thoughts on Factory Farms: Micheal Leahy, Language and Awareness of Death

    Contributor(s):: Humphreys, Rebekah

  4. Oct 15 2015

    Animal Care and Handling Conference

    The Animal Care and Handling Conference for the Food Industry is the leading animal welfare educational opportunity for meat companies, their customers and those involved in the production and...

  5. Pets or Meat

    Contributor(s):: Mary Anne Case

    The central question I am interested in exploring in this essay is whether and when commingling commodification with affection can be more problematic than naked commodification. The notion that it is problematic to allow commodification to leach into certain realms thought of as properly the...

  6. Management of Spent Hens

    Contributor(s):: Newberry, Ruth C.

    Reviews the methods for catching, loading, transporting and unloading spent hens at processing plants in Canada and the United States. Welfare concerns associated with the procedures; Implication for bone fractures; Economic value of spent hens; Spent hens as a source of meat; Procedure for the...

  7. Swiss market for meat from animal-friendly production - responses of public and private actors in Switzerland

    Contributor(s):: Phan-Huy, S. A., Fawaz, R. B.

    Animal welfare is an important societal issue in Switzerland. Policy makers have responded with strict legislation on animal protection and with two programmes to promote animal friendly husbandry. Also private actors in the meat industry initiated programmes for animal friendly meat production...

  8. How is the notice of the Meat Congress conference related to human-animal bond?

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