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  1. Depression

    Depression is a serious illness that affects more than 20 million people in the United States. Depression is a mental illness involving the brain. It is more than simply feeling sad for a few...

  2. The mental health of laboratory animals

    | Book Sections | Contributor(s): King, L., Rowan, A. N.

    2005 Mental health and well-being in animals 259-276 0-8138-0489-2 Blackwell Publishing Oxford English Linacre College, St. Cross Road, Oxford, OX1 3JA, UK. text

  3. Animal-assisted therapy with farm animals for persons with psychiatric disorders

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Berget, B., Braastad, B. O.

    2011 Annali dell'Istituto Superiore di Sanita 47 4 384-90 0021-2571 (Print) 0021-2571 (Linking) eng Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences, Norwegian University of Life Sciences,...

  4. Adolescents' bereavement experiences. Prevalence, association with depressive symptoms, and use of services

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Harrison, Lucy, Harrington, Richard

    2001 Journal of Adolescence 24 2 159-169 0140-1971 c/o Herrington -- Dept Child Psychiatry, Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, Pendlebury, UK text

  5. A progress report of long-term robot assisted activity at a health service facility for the aged

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Wada, K., Shibata, T., Saito, T., Sakamoto, K., Tanie, K.

    2005 Annual Review of CyberTherapy and Telemedicine 3 179-183 1554-8716 Wada, K., Intelligent Systems Research Institute, National Institute Advance Science and Technology (AIST) 1-1-1...

  6. Animal models of affective behaviors and drug addiction

    | Book Sections | Contributor(s): Drews, Eva, Becker, Astrid, Bilkei-Gorzo, Andras, Zimmer, Andreas

    2008 Biomarkers for psychiatric disorders. 217-234 978-0-387-79250-7 978-0-387-79251-4 Springer Science + Business Media New York, NY US Zimmer, Andreas, Institute of Molecular...

  7. Reduction of prefrontal cortex glucose metabolism common to three types of depression

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Baxter, Lewis R., Schwartz, Jeffrey M., Phelps, Michael E., Mazziotta, John C.

    1989 Archives of General Psychiatry 46 3 243-250 0003-990X text

  8. You can teach an old dog new tricks!

    | Book Sections | Contributor(s): Kotch, Ava J.

    2010 101 interventions in group therapy (rev. ed.). 127-130 978-0-415-88217-0 978-0-415-88216-3 Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group New York, NY US text

  9. Farm animal-assisted intervention: Relationship between work and contact with farm animals and change in depression, anxiety, and self-efficacy among persons with clinical depression

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Pedersen, Ingeborg, Nordaunet, Trine, Martinsen, Egil Wilhelm, Berget, Bente, Braastad, Bjarne O.

    2011 Issues in Mental Health Nursing 32 8 493-500 0161-2840 1096-4673 Pedersen, Ingeborg, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences P. O. Box...

  10. Pet attachment and dissociation

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Brown, S. E., Katcher, A. H.

    2001 Society & Animals 9 1 25-41 1063-1119 English Tuskegee Univ, Ctr Study Human Anim Interdependent Relationships, Coll Vet Med Nursing & Allied Hlth, Tuskegee, AL 36088 USA. Univ Penn,...

  11. Animal-assisted interventions in internal and rehabilitation medicine: a review of the recent literature

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Munoz Lasa, S., Ferriero, G., Brigatti, E., Valero, R., Franchignoni, F.

    2011 Panminerva Medica 53 2 129-36 1827-1898 (Electronic) 0031-0808 (Linking) eng Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain. text

  12. Characterization of interaction between owner and dog treated at the veterinary hospital of Federal University of Uberlandia

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Santana, J. A., Castro, I. P. de, Almeida, L. P. de

    Increasing urbanization has increased the proximity of people with dogs. An inappropriate interaction between them can be the cause of several behavioral disorders such as aggression and...

  13. Dolphin therapy

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Gouva, E., Ergolavou, A., Paschos, I., Perdikaris, C., Nathanailides, C., Damigou, N., Athanasopoulou, F.

    Dolphin therapy emerged during the 1950s. The work of Dr. John Lilly played an important role, since he investigated the impact of dolphins on disabled people. From 1978 onwards, the therapeutic...

  14. Dolphins for the doldrums?

    | Journal Articles

    2006 Harvard Men's Health Watch 10 9 7 1089-1102 (Print) 1089-1102 (Linking) eng text

  15. What is animal welfare?

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): McGlone, J. J.

    1993 Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Ethics 6 Special Supplement 2 26-36 0893-4282 English text

  16. Animal suffering: the appraisal and control of depression and distress in livestock

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Fraser, A. F.

    1988 Applied Animal Behaviour Science 20 1-2 127-133 0168-1591 English text

  17. Development of the pet bereavement questionnaire

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Hunt, M., Padilla, Y.

    The death of a pet can be a significant stressor for some people and is a known risk factor for depression. The Pet Bereavement Questionnaire (PBQ) was developed to fill the need for a brief,...

  18. Do animal-assisted activities effectively treat depression? A meta-analysis

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Souter, M. A., Miller, M. D.

    We conducted a meta-analysis to determine the effectiveness of animal-assisted activities (AAA) and animal-assisted therapy (AAT) for reducing depressive symptoms in humans. To be included in the...

  19. Dolphin-assisted therapy: more flawed data and more flawed conclusions

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Marino, L., Lilienfeld, S. O.

    Dolphin-Assisted Therapy (DAT) is an increasingly popular choice of treatment for illness and developmental disabilities by providing participants with the opportunity to swim or interact with...

  20. Effect of aquariums on electroconvulsive therapy patients

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Barker, S. B., Rasmussen, K. G., Best, A. M.

    This study investigated the effect of an aquarium on pretreatment anxiety, fear, frustration and depression in electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) patients. 42 patients consecutively referred for ECT...