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  1. Emotional Support Animals, Service Animals, and Pets on Campus

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Von Bergen, C. W.

    For decades, universities have been accommodating physically disabled students who require guide dogs and other types of service animals. Within the past several years, however, mentally disabled...

  2. Animal-Assisted Therapy: Benefits and Implications for Professionals in the Field of Rehabilitation

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Amanda M. Mangalavite, Thomas D. Upton (adviser)

    The use of animals for therapeutic purposes has been done for centuries. It wasn’t until the 20th century when people began to realize the potential the human-animal interaction had on...

  3. Empathy, depression, and anxiety in a human animal interaction program

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Banciu, Elena Ecaterina

    2013 vi, 106 Brenau University English text

  4. University of Denver: Philip Tedeschi at TEDxDU

    | Videos

    Our pets are our family. Phil (and friend Samantha) share new insights into the importance of animals as sources of comfort and aid to people suffering from stress, depression, anxiety, trauma and...

  5. Paws of War

    | Organizations

    Paws of War's mission is to train and place shelter dogs to serve and provide independence to our United States military veterans that suffer from the emotional effects of war such as PTSD. In...

  6. [The psychiatric aspects of animal assisted therapy]

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Banszky, N., Kardos, E., Rozsa, L., Gerevich, J.

    2012 Az allatok altal asszisztalt terapiak pszichiatriai vonatkozasai. Psychiatria Hungarica 27 3 180-90 0237-7896 (Print)0237-7896 (Linking) hun Addiktologiai Kutato Intezet, Budapest,...

  7. Anxiety and depression in care homes in Malta and Australia: part 2

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Baldacchino, Donia R., Bonello, Lilian

    2013 British Journal of Nursing 22 13 780-785 0966-0461 Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Malta, Malta text

  8. On the record

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Cook, Vicki

    2013 Mental Health Today 31-31 1474-5186 text

  9. Animal-assisted interactions (AAI): a creative modality to support youth with depression

    | Book Sections | Contributor(s): Bailey, Tanya K., Brooke, Stephanie L., Myers, Charles Edwin

    2015 267-290 9780398081492, 0398081492, 9780398081485 Charles C. Thomas Springfield, IL English text

  10. Animal Madness: A Natural History of Disorder

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Braitman, Laurel

    2013 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) English text

  11. Is Animal Assisted Therapy with Dogs Effective in Improving Psychosocial Variables of Mood in Hospital Patients?

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Morris, Kelsey A.

    2014 16 Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Undetermined text

  12. Is the Use of Animal Assisted Therapy/Activity Effective in Improving Quality of Life through Self-Efficacy, Self-Perceived Health, Sense of Coherence and Mood?

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Keene, Kendra B.

    2013 14 Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Undetermined text

  13. Effectiveness of complementary and self-help treatments for depression

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Jorm, A. F., Christensen, H., Griffiths, K. M., Rodgers, B.

    2002 Medical Journal of Australia 176 S84-S96 0025-729X English Australian Natl Univ, Mental Hlth Res Ctr, Canberra, ACT 0200, AustraliaJorm, AF (reprint author), Australian Natl Univ,...

  14. Reduced anxiety during dog assisted interviews in acute schizophrenic patients

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Lang, U. E., Jansen, J. B., Wertenauer, F., Gallinat, J., Rapp, M. A.

    2010 European Journal of Integrative Medicine 2 3 123-127 1876-3820 English [Lang, UE; Jansen, JB; Wertenauer, F; Gallinat, J; Rapp, MA] Charite, Dept Psychiat & Psychotherapy, D-10117...

  15. The Psychosocial Effects of a Companion Robot: A Randomized Controlled Trial

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Robinson, H., MacDonald, B., Kerse, N., Broadbent, E.

    2013 Journal of the American Medical Directors Association 14 9 661-667 1525-8610 English [Robinson, H; Broadbent, E] Univ Auckland, Dept Psychol Med, Auckland 1, New Zealand [MacDonald,...

  16. Evaluation of a Pet-Assisted Living Intervention for Improving Functional Status in Assisted Living Residents With Mild to Moderate Cognitive Impairment: A Pilot Study

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Friedmann, Erika, Galik, Elizabeth, Thomas, Sue A., Hall, P. Sue, Chung, Seon Yoon, McCune, Sandra

    2015 American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias 30 3 276-289 1533-3175 text

  17. Animal companions and one-year survival of patients after discharge from a coronary care unit

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Friedmann, E., Katcher, A. H., Lynch, J. J., Thomas, S. A.

    Article from a special issue on Human--companion animal bond

  18. Psychological sequelae of pet loss following Hurricane Katrina

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Hunt, M., Al-Awadi, H., Johnson, M.

    One of the many impacts of natural disasters on the well-being of the humans who experience them is enforced abandonment and loss of companion animals. Hurricane Katrina, which struck the gulf...

  19. Depression in older cat and dog owners: the Nord-Trondelag Health Study (HUNT)-3

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Enmarker, I., Hellzen, O., Ekker, K., Berg, A. G.

    2015 Aging & mental health 19 4 347-52 1360-7863 10.1080/13607863.2014.933310 eng a Department of Health Sciences , Nord-Trondelag University College , Steinkjer , Norway. text

  20. Puppies Behind Bars

    | Organizations

    Puppies Behind Bars (PBB) trains prison inmates to raise service dogs for wounded war veterans and explosive detection canines for law enforcement. Puppies enter prison at the age of eight weeks...