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  1. Classes de comportamentos constituintes de intervenções de psicólogos no subcampo de atuação profissional de psicoterapia com apoio de cães

    Contributor(s):: Murilo Pereira Garcia

    O cão foi a primeira espécie animal a ser domesticada. O início dessa interação remonta há aproximadamente 12 mil anos atrás. Com o passar dos anos sua relação com os seres humanos foi se estreitando em função das...

  2. Brenda Rynders

    The sheer power that exists within the human-animal bond has fascinated me for years. In my professional experience, I have encountered many instances where the bond between humans and animals was...

  3. Bregje Nijs

  4. Anyone's best friend: A qualitative exploration of the positive influences of animal assisted therapy on mental health and well-being

    Contributor(s):: Stephanie Wood

    Animal assisted therapy is becoming a widely used alternative psychotherapy. Research has shown animals to have positive influences on the physical, emotional, social and psychological aspects of the human psyche. This study explored the positive influences animal assisted therapies had on...

  5. Healing Hearts Ranch

    Healing Hearts Ranch, Inc. is nestled in the heart of America outside the city of Great Bend, KS. Our purpose is to offer the best equine therapy program available to children & families who face emotional and behavioral challenges. In addition, the ranch is home to an established Cowboy...

  6. Animal assisted therapy: a look at the benefits of integrating therapy dogs into the treatment of adult women suffering from sexual assault related PTSD

    Contributor(s):: Megan House

    Based on the statistical evidence listed above, the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center (2014) suggests sexual assault is becoming an epidemic in the United States. In regard to the statistical evidence, Bates (2014) believes that sexual trauma is better resolved with the aid of counseling or...

  7. Pet-facilitated therapy : the Maples project

    Contributor(s):: Erica Amy Copley

    The value of pet-facilitated therapy is explored in this study. The interactions between visiting dogs and the adolescents in a treatment centre are examined. An ethnographic/participant observation method is used. Subjects also complete an open-ended sentence questionnaire and participate in an...

  8. Animal Facilitated Therapy for the Young and Elderly

    Contributor(s):: Marsha A. Whited, George R. Beran

    Historically, animals have played many roles to improve the well-being of people through companionship, work, sport, and food. Currently, the trend has been to use animals therapeutically to improve the physical and emotional health of people. There are a variety of terms defining this type of...

  9. A physiological basis for animal-facilitated psychotherapy

    Contributor(s):: Odendaal, Johannes Stefanus Joubert

  10. A study of ethologic and therapeutic factors of pet-faciliated therapy ina retirement-nursing community

    Contributor(s):: Andrysco, Robert Michael