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  1. Naples Therapeutic Riding Center

    Our Mission is to improve the lives of children and adults with special needs through therapeutic riding and other equine-related programs. 

  2. Equine-Facilitated Therapy and Trauma: Current Knowledge, Future Needs

    Contributor(s):: Marlys Staudt, Donna Cherry

    Equine-facilitated therapy (EFT) is a relatively new treatment for trauma and PTSD. EFT as well as animal assisted interventions in general have been introduced and implemented in mental health treatment for children and adults, though the research in support of these interventions has not kept...

  3. Max and Rain

    Contributor(s):: Eileen Bona

    This is the true story of a boy with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and how he was helped to understand his diagnosis and change his negative behavior through working with a rescued therapy horse at a therapeutic animal assisted program in Alberta canada.

  4. Marcy and Echo

    Contributor(s):: Eileen Bona

    This is a true story of how a girl with fetal alcohol syndrome was helped through equine facilitated counselling at a therapeutic animal assisted program in Alberta Canada.

  5. Jenn and Echo

    Contributor(s):: Eileen Bona

    This is a true story of a youth at risk who worked with a rescued race horse at an equine facilitated counselling program in Alberta Canada to heal and  find inner peace.

  6. Certification in Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Wellness

    Contributor(s):: Eileen Bona

    This is a certification process in Alberta Canada that qualifies people to work with animals to help people in need.Certification is granted for two types of helping professionals as indicated below:Animal Assisted Therapist - Master’s level helping professionals. This includes mental...

  7. Exploring Animal-Assisted Interventions

    Contributor(s):: Eileen Bona

    What does it involve? Practical application of the distance education information provided in the courses in Animal Assisted Interventions.Taking part in activities and exercises with animals designed to help people with a variety of life issues. These activities will address the learning...

  8. Dreamcatcher Brochure

    Contributor(s):: Eileen Bona

    This is the brochure explaining the psychological services at Dreamcatcher Nature Assisted Therapy Ltd. which utilizes animal and nature assisted therapy as well as equine facilitated counselling to help people of all ages with a wide array of challenging life issues.

  9. Dreamcatcher Nature Assisted Therapy Ltd.

    Contributor(s):: Eileen Bona

    We are committed to helping people find healing, balance, joy, hope and confidence through the immediate feedback that animals and nature provide. We are here to guide, teach, counsel and inspire.Dreamcatcher is a psychological practice which is located in Ardrossan, Alberta (just 30...

  10. Catching Dreams Out at the Ranch

    Contributor(s):: Eileen Bona

    This newspaper article speaks to the effects of an animal and nature assisted therapy program for people with disabilities and mental health diagnoses in Alberta Canada.

  11. Panic Attacks

    Contributor(s):: Eileen Bona

    This story is a true account of a 14 year old boy who was afflicted with panic attacks and sought help through equine facilitated counselling. The medium was effective for him. The story is followed by an update about the boy as well as information about animal assisted and nature assisted...

  12. Jun 22 2015

    Caring with Critters. An Internship in Animal Assisted Therapy

    This training is accredited by a National organization and is worth 72 CEC's. It is a week long intensive training in Animal Assisted Therapy as well as an introduction in Equine Facilitated...

  13. Jun 11 2015

    Caring with Critters. An Introduction to Animal Assisted Therapy

    This workshop is accredited by a National organization and offers 36 CEC's. It is a two day training, 16 hours in duration and provides a solid understanding of the benefits of animals in a...

  14. Sarah Ann Newton-Cromwell

  15. Progressive Strides Speech Therapy

    We are a private practice offering speech and language therapy. We offer hippotherapy and equine assisted therapy at three locations.

  16. American Association of Equine Practitioners

    The AAEP is the world’s largest professional organization dedicated to equine veterinary medicine and is a leading medical authority on the health and welfare of the horse. From pleasure horses to elite equine athletes, the AAEP and its nearly 10,000 members work to raise the standard of...

  17. Sugar Creek Equinapy

    Sugar Creek Equinapy specializes in therapeutic ridinglessons. We are located in beautiful Harrisonville, Missouri in the southeastern Kansas City Metro.

  18. People, Animals, Nature Inc.

    PAN Inc. is a not for profit organisation helping disengaged young people through the positive trilogy of people, animals and nature. 

  19. Riding for the Disabled Association (Australia)

    Riding for the Disabled Association Australia (RDAA) is a voluntary, nonprofit organisation which provides opportunities for anyone with a disability to enjoy safe, healthy stimulating, therapeutic, horse-related activities in Australia.

  20. Exceptional Equestrians

    Exceptional Equestrians began in 1999 with just one dedicated therapist, a single horse and a few children riding outdoors as weather permitted. We have grown into an independent non-profit organization that provides comprehensive year-round equine-assisted services to more than 100 clients of...