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  1. The relationship between humans and urban foxes on Prince Edward Island

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Kristine Martin

    This study examines the relationship between humans and urban foxes living in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. In recent years colloquial evidence suggests that there has been an increase in...

  2. Unifying ecological and social sciences into a management framework for wildlife-based tourism: a case study of feeding stingrays as a marine tourism attraction in the Cayman Islands

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Christina A.D. Semeniuk

    As marine wildlife tourism attractions increase in popularity, the integration of natural and social sciences is required to ascertain and then assimilate strategies to effectively address the...

  3. The role of zoos in educating visitors about conservation of wildlife and habitats: a design for Sunset Zoo in Manhattan, Kansas

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Michelle Lynn McElroy

    In the last 30 years there has been a shift toward educating people about conservation within zoos. Public learning about conservation of wildlife and habitats is vital if the extinction of...

  4. Attitudes Toward and Perceptions of Deer Management in Suburban Boston

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Michael Devito

    Communities in the United States have experienced a large and growing white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) population. Residents in these communities may enjoy encounters with white-tailed...

  5. The impacts of urbanization on endangered florida key deer

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Patricia Moody Harveson

    Conservation of native wildlife is becoming increasingly difficult due to continued human population growth and expansion. As the human population continues to increase, so does the rate of...

  6. Giant otters (Pteronura brasiliensis) and humans in the lower Yasuní Basin, Ecuador : spacio-temporal activity patterns and their relevance for conservation

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Paola M. Carrera-Ubidia

    Giant otters (Pteronura brasiliensis) and humans in the Lower Yasuní Basin (Ecuador) have similar food and space requirements: they consume comparable arrays of fish species, and they use...

  7. Effects of the white man's settlement on wild animals in the Mary's River Valley

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Robert M. Storm

    A large per cent of the recent publications in natural history and related subjects give evidence of a great depletion in our supply o native wild animals, due mainly to encroachments on territory...

  8. The impact of a wolf conservation project on attitudes of the public, hunters and farmers toward wolves in Slovenia

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Jasna Mulej Tlhaolang

    For successful conservation of large carnivores, charismatic and controversial species, ensuring human tolerance is essential. Therefore, wolf conservation projects aim to improve both the...

  9. Spaces of co-existence : the processes and prospects of living with endangered species

    | Theses | Contributor(s): John Wall

    As humans alter the world ever more dramatically, the possibility of successful futures for other species declines. Current extinctions are driven by human impacts — namely conversion of...

  10. Predicting the survival of woodland species in human-altered landscapes

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Kringen M. Henein

    Rapid, large-scale anthropogenic landscape change increasingly challenges native species.  The identification of factors affecting species persistence is needed to direct planning and land...

  11. Bridging troubled waters: zooarchaeology and marine conservation on Burrard Inlet, southwest British Columbia

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Nova Pierson

    For thousands of years, the Coast Salish and their ancestors relied on the abundant marine resources of the Strait of Georgia. In the Greater Vancouver area, First Nations and others are working...

  12. Human influences on historical and current wildlife distributions from Lewis & Clark to today

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Andrea S. Laliberte

    Although it is well known that humans are strong modifiers of their environment, there is a need for greater understanding of human-wildlife interactions, both historically as well as...

  13. Interactions between grizzly bears and hikers in Glacier National Park, Montana

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Katherine Louise McArthur Jope

    Behavior of grizzly bears (Ursus arctos) toward people was studied by examining hikers' reports of grizzly bear observations and by intensively observing grizzlies in an area of...

  14. Analysis of Bobcats in Urban Areas of Orange County, CA

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Ian Ice

    2013 University of Redlands 0.00.0 Geographic Information Systems Master of Science en University of Redlands text

  15. Amphibian Mortality on Roads: A Case Study in Santa Cruz Long-toed Salamander Habitat

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Michael Thomas Hobbs

    Amphibian populations have been declining at higher rates than bird and mammal populations. Agriculture, urbanization, including roads, and resource extraction continue to put pressure on all...

  16. The Homeless Bird: A Motion Graphics Narrative about Deforestation and Animals

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Kyle Griffin

    The Homeless Bird is a short animated story expressing the loss of homes for wildlife due to the destruction of habitats such as deforestation. With the loss of natural habitats each year, many...

  17. Impacts of Human Disturbance on the Behavior of Sanderlings on the Georgia Coast

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Amy Catherine Gray

    Habitat loss has a serious impact on wildlife. However, even when humans do not destroy habitat, their activity can have negative impacts on behavior. The purpose of my study was (1) to test...

  18. Characteristics of urban constructions occupied by bats

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Robin Vander Pol, Kenneth Wilkins (adviser)

    Certain bat species like Myotis velifer (cave myotis), Pipistrellus subflavus (eastern pipistrelle), and Tadarida brasiliensis (Mexican free-tailed) of Waco, Texas roost in buildings, sometimes...

  19. Avian Use of Suburban Greenways as Stopover Habitat

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Salina M. Kohut

    The decline of Neotropical migrant songbirds has called attention to the need for habitat conservation along the entire migratory route, and scientists now recognize the need to conserve stopover...

  20. Examining Human-Elephant Conflict in Southern Africa: Causes and Options for Coexistence

    | Theses | Contributor(s): M. Zoe Warner

    Though African elephants (Loxodonta africana) are listed as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), efforts to protect and conserve the...