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  1. Oct 13 2017

    25th Annual Animal Law Conference

    Lewis and Clark Law School and the Animal Legal Defense Fund have a rich history hosting and supporting animal law conferences for students, practitioners, scholars and activists. In 1982, ALDF...

  2. Legal Culture Relating to Animals: A Comparison Between Japan and Europe

    Contributor(s):: Hitoshi Aoki

    This paper is a translated English version of Hitoshi Aoki's "Legal Culture on Animals - from the Viewpoint of Japan and Europe Comparison", which was brought up in "Quarterly Tohoku Studies No. 9 (Fall 2006)".

  3. To Clone or not to Clone: A Look at Why Cloning Fluffy and Fido Might not be in the Best Interests of Society and May Inevitably Pave the Way for Human Cloning

    Contributor(s):: Penelope Tsernoglou

    Dolly was the first. Others soon followed: goats, pigs, and mice to name a few. Recently the world has witnessed the first birth of a cloned companion animal, CC the cat. This is a huge step in making cloning more acceptable within American society because humans relate far more...

  4. Integrating Animal Interest Into Our Legal System

    Contributor(s):: David Favre

    In the summer of 1990, the first March for the Animals in Washington, D.C. ("March") took place. The first of its kind national event attracted thousands of people interested in animal issues. The March was from the back of the White House to the steps of the Capitol Building. As we...

  5. Combatting the Exotic Species Invasion: The Role of Tort Liability

    Contributor(s):: Daniel P. Larsen

    Introduction Present-day island and continental ecosystems began evolving millions of years before the human species appeared. These ecosystems became distinct as they developed in isolation from one another, due to natural barriers between them. Within the last 150 years, however, technology...

  6. Ownership and Justice for Animals

    Contributor(s):: Cochrane, Alasdair

  7. Not a living room sofa: changing the legal status of companion animals

    | Contributor(s):: Susan J. Hankin

    Although the law has traditionally treated non-human animals as property, public attitudes and many of our current laws already are beginning to reflect many ways in which animals, and especially companion animals, are fundamentally different from inanimate property. Despite these trends, the...