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  1. Teaching dog owners new tricks

    Contributor(s):: Shepherd, K.

  2. The neuter status of cats at four and six months of age is strongly associated with the owners' intended age of neutering

    Contributor(s):: Welsh, C. P., Gruffydd-Jones, T. J., Murray, J. K.

  3. Welsh Government stops work on its draft dog control Bill

  4. Individual differences and pet ownership status: distinguishing among different types of pet owners and non-owners

    Contributor(s):: Shannon M. Merrill

    Research examining potential differences between pet owners and non-owners is prevalent in the scientific literature, but findings have often been inconsistent. Although some researchers have incorporated animal preference into their investigations of pet ownership, such research is scarce and...

  5. A survey of urban pet ownership in Bali

    Contributor(s):: Margawani, K. R., Robertson, I. D.

  6. Adaptation of dogs to the amputation of a limb and their owners' satisfaction with the procedure

    Contributor(s):: Kirpensteijn, J., van den Bos, R., Endenburg, N.

  7. CAWC report on rescuing and rehoming

    Contributor(s):: Kisko, C.

  8. Dangerous Dogs Act and the problem of 'status' dogs

    Contributor(s):: Shepherd, K.

  9. Dog bite prevention. Re: Recent clinical review in the British Medical Journal (BMJ, vol. 334, pp. 413-417)

    Contributor(s):: Taylor, H.

  10. Factors associated with cat ownership in a community in the UK

    Contributor(s):: Westgarth, C., Pinchbeck, G. L., Bradshaw, J. W., Dawson, S., Gaskell, R. M., Christley, R. M.

  11. Identification and microchips

    Contributor(s):: Pearce, K.

  12. Improving the health and welfare of all dogs

    Contributor(s):: Dean, S.

  13. Number and ownership profiles of cats and dogs in the UK

    Contributor(s):: Murray, J. K., Browne, W. J., Roberts, M. A., Whitmarsh, A., Gruffydd-Jones, T. J.

  14. Number of cats and dogs in UK welfare organisations

    Contributor(s):: Clark, C. C., Gruffydd-Jones, T., Murray, J. K.

  15. Osteochondrosis

    Contributor(s):: Bedford, P. G.

  16. Owner assessment of dogs' quality of life following treatment of neoplastic haemoperitoneum

    Contributor(s):: Crawford, A. H., Tivers, M. S., Adamantos, S. E.

  17. Owners 'worryingly unprepared' for health problems in older pets

  18. Problems with microchipped strays

    Contributor(s):: Hutchinson, T.

  19. Reform of dangerous dogs legislation

    Contributor(s):: DeVile, C. P.

  20. Scanning microchips on first-time patients

    Contributor(s):: Gardner, C.