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  1. Social detox

    Contributor(s):: Renn Hartmann

    The extent of animal abuse, neglect and abandonment places increased pressure on animal welfare organisations to protect the welfare of animals. Such organisations operate under restricting circumstances, doing what they can with what they have and under heavy reliance on support from the...

  2. Factors that Influence Intake to One Municipal Animal Control Facility in Florida: A Qualitative Study

    Contributor(s):: Terry Spencer, Linda Behar-Horenstein, Joe Aufmuth, Nancy Hardt, Jennifer W Applebaum, Amber Emanuel, Natalie Isaza

    This qualitative study identified a study area by visualizing one year of animal intake from a municipal animal shelter on geographic information systems (GIS) maps to select an area of high stray-dog intake to investigate. Researchers conducted semi-structured interviews with residents of the...

  3. We Left Lassie Behind: Defense Personnel Relocation, Animal Abandonment, and Shelter Impacts

    Contributor(s):: Gabriele Griffiths

    When Department of Defense (DoD) personnel receive orders to relocate to a new duty installation, nearly one third abandon their companion animals, which negatively affects the local shelters' costs, personnel, and capabilities to provide quality care for shelter animals. There is a lack of...

  4. Epidemiology of Dog and Cat Abandonment in Spain (2008–2013)

    Contributor(s):: Jaume Fatjo, Jonathan Bowen, Elena Garcia, Paula Calvo, Silvia Rueda, Silvia Amblas, Jaume F. Lalanza

    Millions of pets are abandoned worldwide every year, which is an important animal welfare and financial problem. This paper was divided into three studies. Our first two studies were designed as a national survey of animal shelters to profile the population of stray dogs and cats, as well as to...

  5. MCPaws; regional animal shelter

    Located in McCall, Idaho, MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter has provided loving and compassionate care to abandoned, surrendered and lost dogs and cats of Valley County since 2002. We are proud to be a no-kill animal shelter that is able to provide comfortable and safe shelter, medical care and...

  6. Canine Therapy: Training Romanian Strays to Help Children

    Contributor(s):: Victor Chitic, Michael Bird (director)

    This is a short clip shot in 2011 by Michael Bird with therapist Victor Chitic and the Animal Assisted Therapy program Dogs for People developed in Romania by the animal welfare organization Four Paws.Using a dog we can address with children issues that need to be discussed in a sensitive...

  7. Peaceful Acres Horses, Inc.

    The horses at Peaceful Acres are rescued from abandonment, neglect and abuse. Others are retired by their owners to come live in sanctuary at Peaceful Acres. The horses are rehabilitated emotionally and physically to become partners in equine assisted learning and psychotherapy programs for...

  8. Friends for Folks

    Friends for Folks is located in Lexington, OK that connects inmates and abused and abandoned dogs to prepare the dogs to be family pets or service dogs. This highly successful program is expanding to other Oklahoma prisons in hopes of bringing positive change to inmates, abandoned dogs and...

  9. Dogs of War: The Biopolitics of Loving and Leaving the U.S. Canine Forces in Vietnam

    | Contributor(s):: Ryan Hediger

    This essay uses Michel Foucault’s notion of biopower to explore how dogs were used by the United States military in the Vietnam wars to mitigate the territorial advantages of the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army. Relying in particular on the account by U.S. soldier and dog handler John C....

  10. The effects of dolphin interactions with children diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

    | Contributor(s):: Faye, Elissa

  11. Patriot Dogs: A New Leash on Life

    New Leash on Life pairs Calcasieu Parish Animal Services abandoned and homeless dogs with kids at risk for becoming repeat offenders. The program at the Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) has the dogs living with the kids 24/7 at the facility. The kids volunteer and then must be selected for the...

  12. Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Release of Marine Mammals: An Analysis of Current Views and Practices

    | Contributor(s):: D. J. St. Aubin, J. R. Geraci, V. J. Lounsbury

    Stranded marine mammals have long attracted public attention. Those that wash up dead are, for all their value to science, seldom seen by the public as more than curiosities. Animals that are sick, injured, orphaned or abandoned ignite a different response. Generally, public sentiment supports...

  13. Animals and Disasters

    | Contributor(s):: Sebastian E. Heath

    This presentation looks at disasters and their implications on pet owners and pets. It includes information regarding pet abandonment, pet rescue, and evacuation failure.

  14. Variables Influencing Nest Success of Eastern Wild Turkeys in Connecticut: Nesting Habitat, Home Range-Scale Fragmentation, and Nest Attentiveness

    | Contributor(s):: Shelley M. Spohr, Daniel J. Harrison (adviser), Frederick A. Servello (adviser)

    Nest success is the most important demographic parameter influencing rates of population change of eastern wild turkeys and many variables operating at multiple spatial and temporal scales may influence whether a nest is successful. Most studies of nest success and survival of turkeys have...

  15. Continued distress among abandoned dogs in Fukushima

    | Contributor(s):: Miho Nagasawa, Katzutaka Mogi, Takefumi Kikusui

    In Fukushima, Japan, a prolonged refugee situation caused by a major nuclear incident after the earthquakeof March 11, 2011 has led to the unintentional abandonment of many pets. We received stray or abandoneddogs from rescue centers in Fukushima Prefecture. During re-socialization training and...

  16. Women animal foster care workers: An ecofeminist critique

    | Contributor(s):: Denise L. Roemer

    As with other forms of animal rights activism, animal foster care also appears to be dominated by women. In this paper I explore the role of animal foster care in, and its implications for, a Patriarchal society based on hierarchical dualisms. I argue that through their work as animal foster...