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  1. White Blood Cell Counts, Parasite Prevalence, and Plasma Cortisol Levels of Dogs in a County Animal Shelter: Changes over Days and Impact of a Program of Repeated Human Interaction

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Emily S. Dudley

    Animal shelter housing is highly stressful for a dog, compromising welfare and leading to undesirable behaviors and unknown health consequences. We documented the changes in circulating numbers of...

  2. Experimental verification of the effects on normal domestic cats by feeding prescription diet for decreasing stress

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Miyaji, K., Kato, M., Ohtani, N., Ohta, M.

    The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of diet on the feline stress response by measuring plasma and urinary cortisol. A study diet was developed with a unique combination of...

  3. The effects of drug detection training on behavioral reactivity and blood neurotransmitter levels in drug detection dogs: a preliminary study

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Riva, J., Marelli, S. P., Redaelli, V., Bondiolotti, G. P., Sforzini, E., Santoro, M. M., Carenzi, C., Verga, M., Luzi, F.

    The aim of the present study was to analyze the effects of drug detection training on behavior and blood neurotransmitter levels in drug detection dogs so as to investigate some variables...

  4. Prenatal stress and ketamine affect the behavioral and physiological responsiveness of early adolescent pigs to a novel arena and social confrontation test

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Backus, B. L., Bryer, P. J., Sutherland, M. A.

    2013 Applied Animal Behaviour Science 145 3/4 60-69 0168-1591 English Department of Animal and Food Sciences, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 79409,...

  5. Dog handlers' and dogs' emotional and cortisol secretion responses associated with animal-assisted therapy sessions

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Haubenhofer, D. K., Mrchengast, S.

    2007 Society & Animals 15 2 127-150 1063-1119 10.1163/156853007x187090 English Wageningen UR, Plant Res Int BV, NL-6700 AA Wageningen, Netherlands. Univ Vienna, Dept Anthropol, A-1010...

  6. Acute effects of cow-calf separation on heart rate, plasma cortisol and behaviour in multiparous dairy cows

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Hopster, H., O'Connell, J. M., Blokhuis, H. J.

    Removing the calf after bonding may induce acute stress in the dairy cow. The responses of 8 Holstein-Friesian cows were examined immediately after the removal of their calves on the third day...

  7. The effect of diet on cribbing behavior and plasma beta -endorphin in horses

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Gillham, S. B., Dodman, N. H., Shuster, L., Kream, R., Rand, W.

    Five cribbing horses and six control horses were used in a latin square design dietary study to investigate the effects of different diets on the frequency of cribbing behaviour and plasma levels...