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  1. Managing Utah Prairie Dogs on Private Lands

    Contributor(s):: S. Nicole Frey

    The Utah prairie dog is found only in Southern Utah. While beneficial to ecosystem health, the Utah prairie dog has historically been in conflict with agriculture and other human activities. This fact sheet describes recent changes to laws regarding Utah prairie dogs and new conservation programs...

  2. Predicting private landowner support toward recolonizing black bears in the Trans-Pecos region of Texas

    Contributor(s):: Rice, Mindy B., Ballard, Warren B., Fish, Ernest B., Wester, David B., Holdermann, David

    Black bears (Ursus americanus) began recolonizing the Trans-Pecos region of Texas from Mexico in the late 1980s after a 30-year absence. This region is predominately a ranching community and knowledge of landowner attitudes is essential to development of management plans for this population. We...

  3. The role, size, and effectiveness of safety zones for creating refuges for white-tailed deer

    Contributor(s):: Bowman, J. L.