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  1. Rabies Vaccination Protocols and Pitfalls

    | Conference Proceedings | Contributor(s): Zenny Ng

    2014 Trace: Tennessee Research and Creative Exchange 0.00.0 2nd Annual Veterinary Partners Appreciation...

  2. Protocol of the animal assisted activity program at a university hospital [Portuguese]

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Silveira, Isa Rodrigues, Santos, Nanci Cristiano, Linhares, Daniela Ribeiro

    2011 Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP 45 1 283-288 0080-6234 por Comissao de Controle de Infecçao Hospitalar, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil....

  3. The impact of animal-assisted therapy on patient ambulation: a feasibility study

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Bode, R. K., Costa, B. R., Frey, J. B.

    2007 American Journal of Recreation Therapy 6 3 7-19 1539-4131 Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL text