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  1. Dog and Cat Interactions in a Remote Aboriginal Community

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Brooke Kennedy, Wendy Y. Brown, Karl Vernes, Gerhard Kortner, James R.A. Butler

    This study examined dog and cat demographics, roaming behaviours, and interspecific interactions in a remote Aboriginal island community using multiple methods. Our results revealed temporal differences between the roaming behaviours of dogs, cats, and wildlife. Dogs showed crepuscular...

  2. Taking the time to assess the effects of remote sensing and tracking devices on animals

    | Contributor(s):: McMahon, C. R., Collier, N., Northfield, J. K., Glen, F.

    The remote monitoring of animal behaviour using telemetry and bio-logging has become popular due to technological advances, falling costs of devices and the need to understand behaviour without causing disturbance to subjects. Over the past three decades thousands of animals have had their...

  3. ETHOSYS (R) - new system for recording and analysis of behaviour of free-ranging domestic animals and wildlife

    | Contributor(s):: Scheibe, K. M., Schleusner, T., Berger, A., Eichhorn, K., Langbein, J., Zotto, L. dal, Streich, W. J.

    A storage telemetry system has been developed to monitor domestic animals and wildlife. It can be used for automatic recording of different patterns of behaviour, such as activity and feeding, and is based on advanced analysis of sensor-emitted signals. The system is made up of collars with...