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  1. Innovative robotic hippotherapy improves postural muscle size and postural stability during the quiet stance and gait initiation in a child with cerebral palsy: A single case study

    Contributor(s):: Park, J. H., You, J. S. H.

  2. Long-term effects of robotic hippotherapy on dynamic postural stability in cerebral palsy

    Contributor(s):: Young Joo Cha, Megan Stanley, Tim Shurtleff, Joshua S. H. You

    Dynamic postural instability is a common neuromuscular impairment in cerebral palsy (CP), which often includes balance dysfunction and an associated risk of serious falls. Robotic hippotherapy has recently become a widespread clinical application to facilitate postural core stabilization,...

  3. Comparison between the robo-horse and real horse movements for hippotherapy

    Contributor(s):: Park, J. H., Shurtleff, T., Engsberg, J., Rafferty, S.

  4. Self-other's perspective taking: The use of therapeutic robot companions as social agents for reducing pain and anxiety in pediatric patients

    Contributor(s):: Okita, Sandra Y.

  5. A progress report of long-term robot assisted activity at a health service facility for the aged

    Contributor(s):: Wada, K., Shibata, T., Saito, T., Sakamoto, K., Tanie, K.

  6. Robotic pets in human lives: Implications for the human

    Contributor(s):: Melson, Gail F., Kahn, Peter H., Jr., Beck, Alan, Friedman, Batya