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  1. Elysian at Westland Farm

    Contributor(s):: Katie Osborn

    Westland farm is a welcoming, friendly and tranquil farm. We are passionate about providing a genuine service that will make those who visit or use our services want to come back.At Westland farm we have a whole range of animals, and do a whole range of activities!  We...

  2. Cat and dog exposure and respiratory morbidities in cystic fibrosis

    Contributor(s):: Morrow, Christopher B., Raraigh, Karen S., Green, Deanna M., Blackman, Scott M., Cutting, Garry R., Collaco, Joseph M.

  3. Clinical material

    Contributor(s):: Rhode, Maria

    Finn is a fostered boy aged eight, seen three times a week for psychotherapy. He and an older sibling were removed from his parents when Finn was aged five, and placed with the current foster carers. The placement has periodically been jeopardised by his chaotic and destructive behavior, which...

  4. Cohort study of sibling effect, infectious diseases, and risk of atopic dermatitis during first 18 months of life

    Contributor(s):: Benn, Christine Stabell, Melbye, Mads, Wohlfahrt, Jan, Björkstén, Bengt, Aaby, Peter

  5. Exploring the link between recurrent acts of childhood and adolescent animal cruelty and subsequent violent crime

    Contributor(s):: Tallichet, Suzanne E., Hensley, Christopher

  6. The truth about cats and dogs: Are there genetic influences on pet ownership

    Contributor(s):: Spotts, Erica L., Lichtenstein, Paul, Neiderhiser, Jenae M.

  7. Parents socializing sibling relationships in European American and Asian American families of children with autism in the United States

    Contributor(s):: Sage, K. D., Jegatheesan, B.

  8. Perceptions of siblings with autism and relationships with them: European American and Asian American siblings draw and tell

    Contributor(s):: Sage, K. D., Jegatheesan, B.

  9. ICPs develop policies for pet and sibling visitation

  10. The aging spirit. Disenfranchised grief: lessons for those serving older clients

    Contributor(s):: Doka, K. J.

  11. Recognition in swine: recognition through familiarity or genetic relatedness?

    Contributor(s):: Stookey, J. M., Gonyou, H. W.

    In the 1st experiment, 80 crossbred piglets from litters cross-fostered within 3 days of birth were regrouped in pens following weaning at 28 days of age. Each test group was composed of 2 siblings reared together, an unrelated piglet reared with the 2 siblings, a sibling reared apart, and an...

  12. Social learning in sibling pigs

    Contributor(s):: Nicol, C. J., Pope, S. J.

    Three experiments were designed to assess the extent to which pigs can acquire information from their siblings. In Experiment 1, pigs were pre-exposed to the sight and smell of a novel diet, or to a sibling demonstrator eating the novel diet, or to a sibling demonstrator eating a familiar diet....

  13. Pets' roles in parents' bereavement

    Contributor(s):: Adkins, S. L., Rajecki, D. W.

    A sample of 43 mothers and 21 fathers completed a retrospective survey concerning a pet's involvement in adaptation to a child's death. Measures included degree of attachment to the pet, and perceptions of the pet's helpfulness and roles in the process of grief resolution. Most parents (75%)...