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  1. Geriatric Program for the Small Animal Clinic

    Contributor(s):: Katie Osborn, Molly Flaherty, Karen Campbell

    Geriatric medicine is becoming increasingly important in small animal practice. Although this area of practice is a relatively new focus, the benefits of such programs are becoming apparent to the veterinarian and clients. Pets are living longer and geriatric pets occupy a significant portion of...

  2. Communicating with pet owners about obesity: roles of the veterinary health care team

    Contributor(s):: Churchill, J., Ward, E.

    Obesity continues to be the most prevalent nutritional problem of dogs and cats as well as one of the most frustrating conditions to treat successfully. Educating and assigning roles to all members of the health care team will improve staff engagement and the consistency and effectiveness of...

  3. Jun 09 2017

    International VetCo Workshop: Small Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery

    During the three-day workshop, each participant will work rotationally under guidance of one of four experts (currently the best in the world) – Boaz Arzi, Nadine Fiani, Santiago Peralta and...

  4. Feb 23 2017

    Midwest Veterinary Conference

    As one of the largest veterinary conferences in the U.S., the MVC is an ideal place to fulfill your CE requirements. Attendees can take advantage of more than 400 hours of cutting-edge education...

  5. Investigating preventive-medicine consultations in first-opinion small-animal practice in the United Kingdom using direct observation

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s):: N.J. Robinson, M.L. Brennan, M. Cobb, R.S. Dean

    Preventive-medicine consultations account for a large proportion of the veterinary caseload and previous research has suggested these consultations are fundamentally different from those in which the animal is presented for a specific health problem. There has been recent controversy around some...

  6. Feb 04 2017

    The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) Veterinary Conference 2017

    Your toughest challenges — solved. That’s what you want for every patient: the right diagnosis, right away. At the NAVC Conference, you’ll learn how to make it happen more often...

  7. Jan 12 2017

    2017 AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference & House of Delegates Winter Session

    The VLC offers three days of networking and workshop opportunities designed with you in mind. Tracks for current and emerging leaders, and state and allied representatives, are offered. This...

  8. Nov 17 2016

    London Vet Show

    It can be exhausting chasing around looking for all the answers to help with your particular veterinary business. But at the London Vet Show it's all here. Over 100 hours of world-class...

  9. Oct 13 2016

    2016 Center for Veterinary Health Sciences (CVHS) Annual Fall Conference

    The CVHS Annual Fall Conference will take place on October 13 and 14 at Oklahoma State University.  This event will include sessions on equine, food animal and companion animal care....

  10. Sep 30 2016

    Alaska Veterinary Medical Association Annual Symposium

    Annual Symposium of the organization. We hold predominately small animal lectures during our meeting. Friday night is usually a state update for one hour and 2 hours of scientific c.e., Saturday...

  11. Sep 27 2016

    41st World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress

    The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) is an association of associations. Its membership is made up of veterinary organisations from all over the world, which are concerned with...

  12. Jun 23 2016

    Pacific Veterinary Conference (PAC VET)

    The Pacific Veterinary Conference (Pac Vet) is a 4-day conference bringing world-class speakers|230+ CE hours and over 120 exhibitors with the hottest trends in veterinary medicine. Network with...

  13. Jun 08 2016

    Idaho Veterinary Medical Association Annual Conference

    Annual meeting of organization. One day of this venue will focus on One World Health initiatives. We offer large and small animal concurrent lectures. We intend to set up zip lining; family BBQ;...

  14. Mar 06 2016

    Small Animal Veterinary Technician Specialty Symposium


  15. Social Work Services in Small Animal Private Practice Settings: A Veterinarian's Perspective

    Contributor(s):: Natalie K. Leiferman

    Humans share a strong bond with animals, when a pet becomes sick or dies an owner can feel extreme grief and bereavement. Research studies have shown that some veterinarians feel they are inadequately trained to handle the pet owner’s feelings of grief and loss. Social workers could have a...

  16. Jan 10 2016

    6th Small Animal SPECT Imaging Workshop: SPECT, PET and Related Modalities

    Please join us for the 6th Small Animal SPECT Imaging Workshop: SPECT, PET and Related Modalities which is scheduled for January 10th - 13th, 2016 in Tucson, Arizona. Our Keynote Speaker is Dr....

  17. Nov 11 2015

    Midwest Small Animal Association Annual Meeting

    The Midwest Small Animal Association (MSAA) was organized in the late 1930s and operated by local veterinarians in the Quad Cities who had a desire to have good continuing education programs. The...

  18. Honoring the bond: when cancer threatens

    Contributor(s):: Ogilvie, G. K.

  19. Practitioners' dialogue on the human-animal bond in practice

    Contributor(s):: Goodman, L., Takashima, G.

  20. Restraint and Hospitalization of Cats

    Contributor(s):: Wayne H. Rizer

    A cat presents a problem in handling for the small animal practitioner much as does the western steer to the rural practitioner, in that the ability of the doctor is often measured by the way the animal is handled rather than by the way the animal responds to the treatment.