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  1. Assisting older victims of disasters: roles and responsibilities for social workers

    Contributor(s):: Torgusen, Barbara L., Kosberg, Jordan I.

  2. Pets, attachment, and well-being across the life cycle

    Contributor(s):: Sable, Pat

  3. Role of companion animals throughout the family life cycle

    Contributor(s):: Turner, Wendy G.

  4. Training students to functionally assess elderly clients in a home health setting

    Contributor(s):: Wilson, Cindy C., Netting, F. Ellen

  5. Value of pets in geriatric practice: a program example

    Contributor(s):: Ebenstein, Helene, Wortham, Jennifer

  6. Adult Protective Services and Animal Welfare: Should Animal Abuse and Neglect Be Assessed During Adult Protective Services Screening?

    Contributor(s):: Peak, Terry, Ascione, Frank, Doney, Jylisa

  7. Raising Arizona's homeless children with my canine companion

    Contributor(s):: White, D. J.

  8. Challenging Anthropocentricism in Social Work Through Ethics and Spirituality: Lessons from Studies in Human-Animal Bonds

    Contributor(s):: Hanrahan, Cassandra

  9. Seeking our place in the web of life: animals and human spirituality

    Contributor(s):: Faver, C. A.

  10. A systematic review of the effects of psychotherapy involving equines

    Contributor(s):: Alison Selby

    This systematic review examines the empirical literature in an emerging body of evidence for the effectiveness of psychosocial interventions involving equines across populations. Fourteen full reports in English were extracted from 103 studies accessed through sixteen electronic databases and a...

  11. Animal-assisted therapy: a volunteer's perspective

    Contributor(s):: Jesse Rose Moorhead

    Animal Assisted Therapy is a non-traditional therapy method that has gained recognition in recent years. The literature on the subject is largely provided by professional counselors and licensed social workers. This study investigated the perspectives of the volunteer animal handlers who...

  12. Science and pseudoscience in developmental disabilities: guidelines for social workers

    Contributor(s):: Thyer, B. A., Pignotti, M.

  13. Social work, independent realities & the circle of moral considerability: respect for humans, animals & the natural world

    Contributor(s):: Thomas D. Ryan

    Social work's conceptualization as to what it is that entitles an individual or entity to moral consideration, or as having moral status, is thoroughly anthropocentric, and is articulated in complete disregard of the context of our fundamental evolutionary continuity and our embeddedness within...

  14. Pets and the elderly. A social work perspective

    Contributor(s):: Ryder, E. L.

  15. Addressing human needs

    Contributor(s):: Burns, K.

  16. Institutions working on pet loss counseling

    Contributor(s):: Feldmann, B. M.

  17. Helping people adjust to the death of a pet

    Contributor(s):: Quackenbush, J. E., Glickman, L.