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  1. Hilfreiche Tiereffekte in Alltag und Therapie: Biopsychosoziale Wirkungen und Erklarungsversuche

    Contributor(s):: Nestmann, Frank

  2. Clarifying the definition of sustainable agriculture

    Contributor(s):: Lehman, H., Clark, E. A., Weise, S. F.

    A number of distinct definitions of 'sustainable agriculture' have been proposed. This paper criticizes two such definitions, which combine sustainability with other objectives such as economic viability and ecological integrity. Finally, it proposes and defends a definition which avoids the...

  3. Obligations to animals are based on rights

    Contributor(s):: Regan, T.

    Some feminist philosophers criticize the idea of human rights because, they allege, it encapsulates male bias; it is therefore misguided, in their view, to extend moral rights to non-human animals. This paper argues that the feminist criticism is misguided. Ideas are not biased in favour of men...