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  1. Learning Together Equestrians

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    Learning Together Equestrians is a nonprofit organization. The organization consists of a passionate group of members, instructors, and volunteers committed to providing therapeutic horseback riding (hippotherapy), and related educational programs, to children with developmental or physical...

  2. Tackfully Teamed Riding Academy, Inc.

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    The mission of Tackfully Teamed is to provide therapeutic horseback riding and other equine activities to individuals with disabilities, giving them an opportunity to improve their physical, mental, emotional, and social lives. Therapeutic riding gives children and adults with...

  3. Paradise Ranch

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    Our mission is to empower persons with special needs to grow physically, mentally, socially and spiritually through equestrian and other recreational activities. Paradise Ranch is located approximately 30 miles north of Nashville Tennessee, in a town called Springfield. We started our...

  4. Horse Heritage Educational Program

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    We will provide our services to as many individuals with challenges in our community as possible, providing them the opportunity to grow to their greatest potential. We will be the benchmark for the standard of excellence in the industry of equine assisted programs. We will provide a rewarding...

  5. New Day

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    New Day specializes in equine assisted therapies along with  alternative and traditional therapeutic programs. Our goal within this program is to enhance the quality of life of individuals and families by offering innovative opportunities for educational and social development. Our...