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  1. Annual veterinary productivity in companion animal practice in the different provinces

    Contributor(s):: Darren Osborne

    Which province has the highest level of veterinary productivity in companion animal practice? Appointment books, client records, and staff schedules were explored to find out which province is the busiest.The contest was restricted to companion animal practices, because it was felt unfair to...

  2. "Early" cat ownership and the risk of sensitization and allergic rhinitis in Ligurian children with respiratory symptoms

    Contributor(s):: Fasce, L., Tosca, M. A., Silvestri, M., Olcese, R., Pistorio, A., Rossi, G. A.

  3. Contact with livestock--a protective effect against allergies and asthma?

    Contributor(s):: Dimich-Ward, H., Chow, Y., Chung, J., Trask, C.

  4. Early, current and past pet ownership: associations with sensitization, bronchial responsiveness and allergic symptoms in school children

    Contributor(s):: Anyo, G., Brunekreef, B., de Meer, G., Aarts, F., Janssen, N. A., van Vliet, P.

  5. Epidemiology of cat-scratch disease hospitalizations among children in the United States

    Contributor(s):: Reynolds, M. G., Holman, R. C., Curns, A. T., O'Reilly, M., McQuiston, J. H., Steiner, C. A.

  6. Multiple sclerosis and dog ownership. A case-control investigation

    Contributor(s):: Read, D., Nassim, D., Smith, P., Patterson, C., Warlow, C.

  7. Owner-perceived, weighted quality-of-life assessments in dogs with spinal cord injuries

    Contributor(s):: Levine, J. M., Budke, C. M., Levine, G. J., Kerwin, S. C., Hettlich, B. F., Slater, M. R.

  8. Past pets and Paget's disease

    Contributor(s):: O'Driscoll, J. B., Anderson, D. C.

  9. Perceptions and priorities of owners of dogs with heart disease regarding quality versus quantity of life for their pets

    Contributor(s):: Oyama, M. A., Rush, J. E., O'Sullivan, M. L., Williams, R. M., Rozanski, E. A., Petrie, J. P., Sleeper, M. M., Brown, D. C.

  10. Personal endotoxin exposure in a panel study of school children with asthma

    Contributor(s):: Delfino, R. J., Staimer, N., Tjoa, T.

  11. Pet ownership, but not ACE inhibitor therapy, blunts home blood pressure responses to mental stress

    Contributor(s):: Allen, K., Shykoff, B. E., Izzo, J. L., Jr.

    In the present study, we evaluated the effect of a nonevaluative social support intervention (pet ownership) on blood pressure response to mental stress before and during ACE inhibitor therapy. Forty-eight hypertensive individuals participated in an experiment at home and in the physician’s...

  12. Presence and timing of cat ownership by age 18 and the effect on atopy and asthma at age 28

    Contributor(s):: de Meer, G., Toelle, B. G., Ng, K., Tovey, E., Marks, G. B.

    BACKGROUND: Asthma and allergic sensitization to cats frequently coexist, although recent studies show less atopic disease among people who had pets in infancy. However, no longterm evaluations have been performed thus far. OBJECTIVE: We sought to evaluate the relationship between cat ownership...

  13. Relevance of early or current pet ownership to the prevalence of allergic disease

    Contributor(s):: Platts-Mills, T. A., Perzanowski, M., Woodfolk, J. A., Lundback, B.

  14. Risk factors for delays between intake and veterinary approval for adoption on medical grounds in shelter puppies and kittens

    Contributor(s):: Litster, A., Allen, J., Mohamed, A., He, S.

  15. Search and identification methods that owners use to find a lost dog

    Contributor(s):: Lord, L. K., Wittum, T. E., Ferketich, A. K., Funk, J. A., Rajala-Schultz, P. J.

  16. Search methods that people use to find owners of lost pets

    Contributor(s):: Lord, L. K., Wittum, T. E., Ferketich, A. K., Funk, J. A., Rajala-Schultz, P. J.

  17. Serological study of Toxoplasma gondii in kidney recipients

    Contributor(s):: Sukthana, Y., Chintana, T., Damrongkitchaiporn, S., Lekkla, A.

  18. Pigs and humans : 10,000 years of interaction

    Contributor(s):: Albarella, Umberto

  19. The longest struggle : animal advocacy from Pythagoras to PETA

    Contributor(s):: Phelps, Norm

  20. Dog assisted interventions in a specialized centre and potential concerns for animal welfare

    Contributor(s):: Marinelli, L., Normando, S., Siliprandi, C., Salvadoretti, M., Mongillo, P.