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  1. Show Horse Welfare

    Contributor(s):: Melissa A. Voigt, Colleen Brady

    In recent years there has been an increase in the public's attention to situations where trainers, owners, and handlers have compromised the well-being of show horses for the sake of winning. These situations may be due to training negligence or naivety of individuals working with the horse....

  2. Adopters' Expectations Prior to Companion-Animal Ownership

    Contributor(s):: Rachel O\'connor

    Adopters’ thoughts and expectations prior to bringing home a companion animal were explored using one-on-one interviews (n=17) at three animal shelters in Ontario. Thematic analysis revealed “adopter concerns of, and perceived challenges to, companion-animal ownership”,...

  3. L'"Aspettazione" in Neurofisiologia E in Psicologia

    Contributor(s):: Pareti, Germana

  4. Mississippi waterfowl hunter expectations, satisfaction, and intentions to hunt in the future

    Contributor(s):: Brunke, Kevin D., Hunt, Kevin M.

    Disconfirmation of expectations, season-long satisfaction, seeing waterfowl, and waterfowl harvest opportunity may affect the intentions to waterfowl hunt in the future for Mississippi hunters. In this study, the disconfirmation of expectations had the strongest relationship with satisfaction for...

  5. Doing more, doing less: Consequences of exceeding versus falling short of promises

    Contributor(s):: Gneezy, Ayelet

  6. The positive impact of mindful eating on expectations of food liking

    Contributor(s):: Hong, Phan Y., Lishner, David A., Han, Kim H., Huss, Elizabeth A.

  7. Driver acceptance of false alarms to simulated encroachment

    Contributor(s):: Smith, Kip, Källhammer, Jan-Erik

  8. Social mimetic behaviour and social anticipation in dogs: Preliminary results

    Contributor(s):: Kubinyi, Eniko, Miklósi, Ádám, Topál, József, Csányi, Vilmos

  9. Successful and unsuccessful pet adoptions

    Contributor(s):: Kidd, Aline H., Kidd, Robert M., George, Carol C.

  10. Veterinarians and successful pet adoptions

    Contributor(s):: Kidd, Aline H., Kidd, Robert M., George, Carol C.