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  1. Surrenderers' Relationships with Cats Admitted to Four Australian Animal Shelters

    Contributor(s):: Sarah Zito, Mandy Paterson, John Morton, Di Vankan, Pauleen Bennett, Jacquie Rand, Clive J.C. Phillips

    The surrender of cats to animal shelters results in financial, social and moral burdens for the community. Correlations of caretaking and interactions with surrendered cats were calculated, to understand more about humans’ relationships with surrendered cats and the contribution of...

  2. The problem of unwanted pets: A case study in how institutions 'think' about clients' needs

    | Contributor(s):: Irvine, Leslie

  3. Survey of human organizations and slaughter plants regarding experiences with Vietnamese potbellied pigs

    | Contributor(s):: Lord, L. K., Wittum, T. E.