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  1. Domestic rabbits: diseases and parasites

    | Reports | Contributor(s): Nephi M. Patton, K.W. Hagen, J.R. Gorham, Ronald E. Flatt

    Designed to help ranchers recognize common rabbit diseases. Diseases are classified according to major cause-bacterial, viral, nutritional, hereditary, fungal, and miscellaneous (including...

  2. Emerging and re-emerging zoonoses of dogs and cats

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Chomel, B. B.

    Since the middle of the 20th century, pets are more frequently considered as "family members" within households. However, cats and dogs still can be a source of human infection by various zoonotic...

  3. Best practices for planning events encouraging human-animal interactions

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Erdozain, G., Kukanich, K., Chapman, B., Powell, D.

    Educational events encouraging human-animal interaction include the risk of zoonotic disease transmission. It is estimated that 14% of all disease in the USA caused by Campylobacter spp.,...

  4. Enteric pathogens of dogs and cats with public health implications

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Kantere, M., Athanasiou, L. V., Chatzopoulos, D. C., Spyrou, V., Valiakos, G., Kontos, V., Billinis, C.

    Dogs and cats play an important role in modern society, enhancing the psychological and physiological well-being of many people. However, there are well-documented health risks associated with...

  5. Around cats

    | Book Sections | Contributor(s): Goldstein, E. J. C., Greene, C. E., Schlossberg, D.

    This chapter focuses on diseases transmitted from cats to humans. The diseases transmitted by inhalation (bordetellosis, plague and Q fever), vectors (ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, cat scratch...

  6. Less common house pets

    | Book Sections | Contributor(s): Chomel, B. B., Schlossberg, D.

    This chapter focuses on the major health threats associated with exposure of humans to less common house pets. The viral, bacterial, parasitic and mycotic zoonoses transmitted by pet rabbits,...

  7. With man's best friend

    | Book Sections | Contributor(s): Collins, J. M., Lorber, B., Schlossberg, D.

    This chapter focuses on human diseases associated with exposure to dogs. The epidemiology of local infections following dog bites, as well as the initial bite management, antibiotic prophylaxis,...

  8. Environmental contamination by dog’s faeces: a public health problem?

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Cinquepalmi, Vittoria, Monno, Rosa, Fumarola, Luciana, Ventrella, Gianpiero, Calia, Carla, Greco, Maria Fiorella, De Vito, Danila, Soleo, Leonardo

    2012 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 10 1 72-84 10.3390/ijerph10010072 english text

  9. Information need of owners regarding dog's healthcare, zoonotic diseases and marketing

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Basarajappa, A. D., Rupasi, Tiwari, Rakesh, Roy, Davinder, Singh, Matt, V. T., Devan, Arora

    The present study was purposively conducted at Clinical Complex, VeterinaryCollege, Hebbal, Bangalore; Referral Polyclinic, IVRI, Izatnagar; Veterinary polyclinic, GBPUAT, Pantnagar and Veterinary...

  10. Foraging Eurasian badgers Meles meles and the presence of cattle in pastures. Do badgers avoid cattle?

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Mullen, E. M., MacWhite, T., Maher, P. K., Kelly, D. J., Marples, N. M., Good, M.

    2013 Applied Animal Behaviour Science 144 3/4 130-137 0168-1591 English National Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, 7 Ely Place, Dublin 2, Irish...

  11. Veterinarians' role for pet owners facing pet loss

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Fernandez-Mehler, P., Gloor, P., Sager, E., Lewis, F. I., Glaus, T. M.

    2013 Veterinary Record 172 21 555 0042-4900 10.1136/vr.101154 English Small Animal Clinic Dr. Klaus, Liestal 4410, Switzerland. text

  12. The welfare of ferrets (Mustela putorius furo T): a review on the housing and management of pet ferrets

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Vinke, C. M., Schoemaker, N. J.

    2012 Applied Animal Behaviour Science 139 3 155-168 0168-1591 10.1016/j.applanim.2012.03.016 English Department of Animals in Science & Society, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,...

  13. Investigations on genetic disease resistance in swine - a contribution to the reduction of pain, suffering and damage in farm animals. (Special Issue: Animal suffering and welfare.)

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Reiner, G.

    This review deals with genetic disease resistance in pigs as a prospective opportunity to reduce pain, suffering and damage in swine production. Even under favourable terms of housing and...

  14. All creatures great and minute: a public policy primer for companion animal zoonoses

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Reaser, J. K., Clark, E. E., Jr., Meyers, N. M.

    Approximately 63% of US households have at least one pet, a large percentage of which are considered family members. Pet owners can derive substantial physical and psychological benefits from...

  15. Compendium of measures to prevent disease associated with animals in public settings, 2007: National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians, Inc. (NASPHV)

    | Journal Articles

    Certain venues encourage or permit the public to contact animals, resulting in millions of human-animal interactions each year. These settings include county or state fairs, petting zoos, animal...

  16. Compendium of measures to prevent disease associated with animals in public settings, 2009 National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians, Inc. (NASPHV)

    | Journal Articles

    Certain venues encourage or permit the public to be in contact with animals, resulting in millions of human-animal interactions each year. These settings include county or state fairs, petting...

  17. Avian companions and the human-animal bond

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Harris, J. M.

    1989 Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 195 11 1517-1518 0003-1488 English text

  18. Colorado animal-based plague surveillance systems: relationships between targeted animal species and prediction efficacy of areas at risk for humans

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Lowell, J. L., Eisen, R. J., Schotthoefer, A. M., Liang, X. C., Montenieri, J. A., Tanda, D., Pape, J., Schriefer, M. E., Antolin, M. F., Gage, K. L.

    Human plague risks (Yersinia pestis infection) are greatest when epizootics cause high mortality among this bacterium's natural rodent hosts. Therefore, health departments in plague-endemic areas...

  19. What are the differences in management and disease between pet and commercial goats?

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Roe, V.

    This study was conducted to determine the differences in management and environment and the common disease problems between pet and commercial goats. Goat owners (n=38) were given questionnaires...

  20. Management and mastitis

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Francis, P. G.

    This is the abstr. of a paper presented at the Winter Meeting of the Society for Veterinary Ethology, which was held in London, UK on 3 Dec. 1980. Various measures were investigated to reduce the...