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  1. Eliot's Naming of Cats

    Contributor(s):: Lambert, Anne H.

  2. Names of Animals in England

    Contributor(s):: Leonovich, O. A., Artemova, A. F.

  3. Pet Vocatives in Southwestern Amazonia

    Contributor(s):: Dienst, Stefan, Fleck, David W.

  4. Stereotypic Gender Naming Practices for American and Australian Dogs and Cats

    Contributor(s):: Abel, Ernest L., Kruger, Michael L.

  5. Traditional and Frequently Used Names for Pets in the Urbanite's Linguistic Worldview

    Contributor(s):: Guseva, E. V.

  6. Les enjeux de la nomination animale dans la société française contemporaine = Names of animals in contemporary French society

    Contributor(s):: Méchin, Colette