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  • Seagulls hit the news last week when a study conducted by the University of Exeter found that staring at the birds made them less likely to steal your chips. The story was on the front page of The Times, #Seagulls was trending on Twitter and Channel 4 covered it in a prime time news-segment. Madeleine Goumas, who did the research for her masters degree, even appeared on BBC Breakfast.

    Sep 03, 2019

  • When the International Luxury Travel Market fair took place in May this year, the main theme was health and wellness. From bespoke spa holidays to medical tourism, the search for holistic experiences away from home is trending. There is a growing demand for therapy programmes, especially interactive ones with animals. But using animals as a means to benefit human wellness stirs debate between animal welfare groups and those who believe these such interactions are good for both the animals and humans.

    Aug 29, 2019

  • Pawsitive Friendships of Gilbert, Arizona, is the first organization of its kind in Arizona to have earned the Certified Autism Center™ designation (CAC). The CAC designation, granted by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), means that families with children on the autism spectrum and other sensory disorders can enjoy the best possible experience that caters to their needs.

    Aug 29, 2019

  • A whimpering dog begging for table scraps or a content cat purring away are familiar scenes for pet owners, and most of the time they know exactly what their pets are trying to tell them. The bond between human and pet is a strong one, and now a new study conducted in Denmark concludes that pet owners develop a special sensitivity to all dogs’ and cats’ whines, whimpers, barks, and meows.

    Aug 29, 2019

  • A handful service dogs are living their best lives and the internet is here for it.A series of photos tweeted by a Canadian theater festival's account of puppers peaking their adorable faces out from behind theater seats went viral. The dogs, who are part of K-9 Country Inn Service dog training program, were at the Stratford Theater in Ontario for part of their training.

    Aug 28, 2019

  • BluePearl has partnered with the University of Tennessee (UT) College of Veterinary Medicine to train social workers for careers in specialty and emergency veterinary medicine. Through this novel partnership, students enrolled in UT's Postgraduate Veterinary Social Work Certificate Program (VSWCP) will gain valuable, hands-on experience in veterinary hospitals across the U.S.

    Aug 27, 2019

  • The dogs are brought in by volunteers from Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy, and lounge peacefully at the child's feet while they read to them.

    Aug 27, 2019

  • A new survey conducted by Whistle, a company specializing in wearable health and location trackers for pets, asked 1,000 dog owners in America various questions about their beloved pooches.Asked whether they enjoyed spending time with their canines more than they liked spending time with other people, one in three respondents said they strongly agreed, while 71 percent said they somewhat agreed.

    Aug 26, 2019

  • Pet owners have better heart health, particularly when those pets are dogs. This is according to a study examining the link between owning pets and heart health.The study compared the cardiovascular health scores of pet owners overall to those who did not own pets. Then it compared dog owners to other pet owners and those who did not own pets.

    Aug 26, 2019

  • That's right — we tend to think of pets being part of the family as a relatively new concept, but art tells us that the human-animal bond is as old as time.

    Aug 23, 2019

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