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How can I find out about Walk a Hound events in my area?

I have heard there are organized programs where shelter pets and walkers are paired up so that they can exercise together. How do I find out whether there is one in my local area? Is there a central source of information? And what are other users’ experiences of these programs?

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    Christopher C Charles

    While I can’t speak to your particular area, many shelters offer some form of dog walking program to benefit both the dogs and their walkers. Many shelters operate these programs as part of their volunteer services, so you might consider asking your local shelter’s volunteer coordinator. Some areas have larger programs that involve multiple shelters and hold regular, large-scale, public events. Indianapolis and Cleveland, for example, both have such organizations. If one of these larger programs is available, your local shelter will likely be aware of them.

    Additionally, there is a group on this site devoted to the benefits of dog walking, you may be able to find additional information as well as testimonials from its members.

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