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  • 02 Mar 2015
    7:00 pm EST 
    to 03 Mar 2015
    4:00 am EST 

    Workshop on "Behavior Coordination between Animals, Humans and Robots

    Category: Workshop

    This workshop intends to bring together researchers investigating one or more aspects of behavior coordination in three different research domains: human-human interaction, human-animal interaction, human-robot interaction. Our goal is to develop an interdisciplinary dialogue directed towards...

  • 05 Mar 2015
    4:00 pm EST 
    to 05 Mar 2015
    10:00 pm EST 

    Wisconsin Dairy & Beef Well-Being Conference

    Category: Conference

    UW-Extension will be hosting its fifth annual conference on April 30, 2015 in Kimberly, WI to address the issue of animal handling and well-being. The program learning objectives and intended outcomes are to increase knowledge or understanding of improved dairy and beef cattle animal handling...

  • 06 Mar 2015
    1:00 pm EST 
    to 06 Mar 2015
    10:00 pm EST 

    The Human-Animal Bond Symposium and Recognition Ceremony

    Category: Seminar

    he VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine's Center for Animal Human Relationships (CENTAUR) presents a one-day symposium, The Human-Animal Experience: Exploring the Bond. Experts from multidisciplinary fields will gather to explore the benefits and challenges of human-animal interactions,...

  • 19 Mar 2015
    12:00 pm EDT 
    to 21 Mar 2015
    9:00 pm EDT 

    2nd Biennial Conference on Living with Animals: Interconnections

    Category: Conference

    In this second time around, we are hoping to retain the strong arts and humanities perspectives we enjoyed so much in the first conference, as well as including some more scientific and applied perspectives for general audiences. Consistent with the conference theme, we are looking for...

  • 19 Mar 2015
    2:00 pm EDT 
    to 22 Mar 2015
    11:00 pm EDT 

    2015 American Hippotherapy Association, Inc. International Conference

    Category: Conference

    Join us March 19 – 22, 2015 as we host our 5th International Conference in Fort Worth, TX! AHA, Inc. hosts an international conference every other year at locations around the country. AHA, Inc. reaches over 1,000 therapists and other team members, who utilize equine movement as a treatment...

  • 25 Mar 2015
    4:30 pm EDT 
    to 28 Mar 2015
    1:30 am EDT 

    16th Annual EAGALA Conference

    Category: Conference

    Founded in 1999, EAGALA is a nonprofit professional association. Our vision is that every person worldwide will have access to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning services, provided at the highest standard of excellence. Achieving this involves: public awareness and education about this...

  • 28 Mar 2015
    10:00 am EDT 
    to 29 Mar 2015
    7:00 pm EDT 

    The Human-Animal Boundary: Exploring the Line in Philosophy and Fiction

    Category: Conference

    The boundary between humans and non-human animals has been an integral part of philosophic discourse since antiquity, with mounting evidence of language, tool use and general cognitive abilities now leading scientists to contest its impermeability. These lines have been drawn and re-drawn in...


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