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  • 07 Jul 2016
    11:00 am EDT 
    to 10 Jul 2016
    11:00 am EDT 

    Exploring Human-Animal Interactions: International Society for Anthrozoology(ISAZ) 2016 Conference

    Category: Conference

    Animals were domesticated thousands of years ago and are now present in almost every human society around the world. Nevertheless, only recently scientists have begun to analyse both positive and negative aspects of human-animal relationships. For centuries people have recognised the value of...

  • 10 Jul 2016
    8:00 am EDT 
    to 11 Jul 2016
    5:00 pm EDT 


    Category: Conference

    Call for Papers Case studies that show how particular human/animal relationships are pathologised (and their effects)Keynote: Lori Gruen, Professor of Philosophy, Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and Environmental Studies at Wesleyan University From ‘crazy cat ladies’...

  • 11 Jul 2016
    2:00 am EDT 
    to 13 Jul 2016
    11:00 am EDT 

    IAHAIO 2016

    Category: Conference

    UNVEILING A NEW PARADIGM: HAI in the mainstream - Our Mission is to share a new vision and status of HAI in society - Our Outcomes are measurable across quantitative, qualitative and mixed research methods - Attendees will be provided with resources, shared insights and tools of the new...

  • 29 Jul 2016
    12:00 am EDT 
    to 02 Aug 2016
    9:00 am EDT 

    16th Congress of the International Society for Behavioral Ecology

    Category: Conference

    ISBE conferences are held every two years and attract a lively mix of behavioral ecologists at all career stages from around the globe, offering excellent networking opportunities. There is an exciting mixture of top-notch plenaries, topical symposia and great poster sessions presenting the...

  • 30 Jul 2016
    12:00 pm EDT 
    to 03 Aug 2016
    9:00 pm EDT 

    53rd Annual Meeting Animal Behavior Society

    Category: Conference

    The Animal Behavior Society was founded in 1964 to promote the study of animal behavior in the broadest sense, including studies using descriptive and experimental methods under natural and controlled conditions. Current members' research activities span the invertebrates and vertebrates, both in...


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