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Events: 2017/06/09

  • 09 Jun 2017
    • 7:30 am EDT 
      12:30 pm EDT 

      American College of Animal Welfare (ACAW) Fourth Annual Animal Welfare Short Course

      Category: Workshop

      This year the ACAW welcomes Colorado State University Distinguished Professor Bernard Rollin. Dr. Rollin has spent the last 45 years working relentlessly to raise awareness about how animals are treated on farms, in laboratories, in rodeo arenas, on hunting grounds and in slaughterhouses. He...

    • 8:00 am EDT 
      5:00 pm EDT 

      2017 American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) Forum

      Category: Meeting

      Whether you’re looking to inject a big dose of the latest scientific research into your practice, or just want to seek out the trends that will keep you a cut above the rest, the ACVIM Forum’s invigorating blend of leading-edge scientific research, state-of-the-art lectures and...

    • 2:00 am EDT 
      11:00 am EDT 

      International VetCo Workshop: Small Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery

      Category: Workshop

      During the three-day workshop, each participant will work rotationally under guidance of one of four experts (currently the best in the world) – Boaz Arzi, Nadine Fiani, Santiago Peralta and Frank J. M. Verstraete. They were lecturing in 2015 and 2016 at VetCo dentistry conferences and now...


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