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International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants 2015 Animal Behavior Conference

Category: Conference
Description: In this rare opportunity for an intimate and in-depth look at high-level work with behavior and training, our speakers include: Ken Ramirez, who will give two longer talks: Introducing Highly Reactive & Aggressive Dogs - An Experiment
: This presentation is a report on a conditioning trial that was done with several reactive dogs. Ken Ramirez has introduced highly aggressive exotic species successfully over the years in a variety of zoological settings. In 2013 and 2014 he used these same techniques and protocols to introduce 4 dogs to each other (3 of which were highly reactive). He will share his approach and the results. 
Complex Tools: A review of some of the advanced but seldom used or misunderstood tools - a discussion of the science behind each tool and the practical applications of these tools. These could include Jackpots, Timeouts (TO), End of Session Signals (ESS), Behavior Chains, Least Reinforcing Scenario (LRS), Keep Going Signals (KGS), No Reinforcement Markers (NRM), Recall Signals, Differential Reinforcement of Alternative Responses (DRA). Dr. John Cirabasi DVM, DACVB, who will present three separate talks on effective treatments and protocols for working with Fear Based Aggression, Resource Guarding, and Separation Anxiety . Dr. Kelly Ballantyne DVM, who will present on her current research project, which is investigating quality of life issues for owners of pets with behavioral issues. Steve Dale, who will present our keynote talk on the human-animal bond. Laura Monaco Torelli From Exotic to Domestic Animals: Lessons Learned That Come Full Circle: Working with exotic animals in established programs has many training benefits: trainer consistency, set training schedules and sessions, a closely monitored and healthy diet, detailed record-keeping that lends itself to spectacular planning. But, how do professional trainers help the average dog owner who simply wants a better behaved dog, less stressful health care and grooming? Surprise—a little planning goes a long way! This 90-minute presentation will discuss the many benefits of teaching the importance of pre-session planning, group collaboration and communication, and frequent assessment of discrete goals that highlight immediate success points. EARLY BIRD RATES END MARCH 15TH. There are no group discounts. Live streaming and/or recording of the event is not yet available. We’re working on it, but may not be able to provide it.
When: Saturday 18 April, 2015 2:30 pm CDT - Sunday 19 April, 2015 11:00 pm CDT
Where: Chicago, Illinois
Registration Deadline: 3/15/2015
  1. Animal behavior
  2. Animal training
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