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The Human-Animal Bond Symposium and Recognition Ceremony

Category: Seminar
Description: he VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine's Center for Animal Human Relationships (CENTAUR) presents a one-day symposium, The Human-Animal Experience: Exploring the Bond. Experts from multidisciplinary fields will gather to explore the benefits and challenges of human-animal interactions, service and therapies. The symposium will include Booker Willoughby Recognition Ceremony. In keeping with the spirit of selfless service exemplified by 1988 Service Dog of the Year, Booker and his family the Willoughbys, the Booker Willoughby Recognition Ceremony will honor an exemplary organization that trains, utilizes and cares for service animals. This year, CENTAUR recognizes St. Francis Service Dogs in Roanoke, Virginia for their exceptional program in assisting children and adults with disabilities to become more independent and self-sufficient through partnership with a professionally trained service dog. Ms. Cabell Youell, Executive Director of the organization will provide a heart-warming overview of the St Francis Service Dog program at the luncheon ceremony. All professionals and community individuals interested in the many facets of the human-animal bond are invited. The symposium features speakers from diverse backgrounds ranging from veterinary and human medicine to social work, highlighting the intricate and special connection between animals and humans.
When: Friday 06 March, 2015, 1:00 pm - 10:00 pm EST
Where: The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center, Blacksburg, Virginia
Registration Deadline: 02/27/2015
  1. Animal abuse
  2. Canine
  3. Equine-facilitated psychotherapy
  4. Human-animal bond
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