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Animal-Assisted Interventions: An Incredible Range of Therapeutic Benefits

Category: Seminar

This informative and interactive seminar provides an array of animal-assisted interventions and clinical techniques that will greatly improve your client outcomes in a broad range of areas, including:
Reduce stress and anxiety levels and lower blood pressure
Lessen feelings of loneliness and depression
Help people suffering from agoraphobia
Improve sensory recognition in people recovering from a stroke
Support people dealing with trauma
Help children with learning disabilities

You will learn specific examples of animal-assisted therapeutic goals in a variety of functional areas. This seminar also includes the latest research outcomes, solid foundational knowledge about the human-animal emotional bond and up-to-date information about relevant laws. You will also discover very practical information and resources to help you implement your own animal-assisted interventions.

When: Friday 17 February, 2017, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm CST
Where: Bloomington, Minnesota
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