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Workshop on Animal Agriculture from the Middle East to Asia

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The Harvard South Asia Institute, the Harvard Law School Animal Law & Policy Program, and the Harvard Law School Islamic Legal Studies Program: Law and Social Change are pleased to announce an upcoming workshop on Animal Agriculture from the Middle East to Asia.

The workshop will bring together experts to exchange ideas as an initial step toward the goal of a broader collaborative research project. Academics, practitioners, and others with backgrounds in law, the sciences, animal welfare, environmental studies, religious studies, cultural studies, economics, and public policy are encouraged to apply.

We welcome submissions on both broad and specific topics related to animal agriculture in contexts spanning from the Middle East to Asia. With the rapid expansion of aquaculture across the region, we also are interested in proposals from participants with expertise in that subject area. Potential topics include but are not limited to:

–  The Changing Models of the Production of Animals Raised for Food
–  Climatic and other Environmental Impacts of Animal Agriculture
–  Food Security
–  Food Supply and Distribution Networks
–  Long Distance Transportation of Farmed Animals
–  Religious Slaughter and Sacrifice of Animals, including Halal Slaughter
–  The Religious Politics of Eating Animals
–  The Human Rights Dimensions of Animal Agriculture

When: Thursday 11 May, 2017 8:00 am EDT - Friday 12 May, 2017 5:00 pm EDT
Where: Cambridge, Massachusetts
  1. Agriculture
  2. Animal science
  3. Animals in culture
  4. Asia
  5. Livestock
  6. Middle East
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