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One Welfare II

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The CVE is honoured to be accepting the baton from Canada to host the second international One Welfare Conference in Sydney, Australia.

What is One Welfare?

One Welfare is a framework that recognises the inextricable links between

  • Animal welfare
  • Human wellbeing
  • Environmental sustainability

It is a cross-disciplinary space promoting collaboration to address complex, 'wicked' problems to establish outcomes that benefit humans, animals and the environment. These include issues such as climate change, drought and water supply, animal hoarding, food security and nutrition, conservation and the changing human-animal interface.

Conference objectives

This event is designed to gather national and international experts across animal welfare, human healthcare, conservationists and environmental scientists to learn from one another. By bringing together public and private stakeholders, including those from government, academic, non-profit organisations and industry, we can discuss research, best practices, models and policies that have succeeded – or not – in managing these complex problems.

This is an opportunity to:

  • Create a unique, positive environmental for sharing of expert knowledge and establish networks
  • Share and troubleshoot solutions from across regions, states, and countries, in both private and public sectors
  • Identify and analyse legislative barriers and brainstorm solutions
  • To strengthen the international One Welfare network


Mental Wellbeing for Veterinary Teams Symposium | 16 October 2019

This exciting 1-day symposium is aimed at promoting wellbeing and tapping into resources we may not know we have. Our speakers will provide bite-sized insights, with a focus on positive action you can take to build resilience and support colleagues.

'Four-Words, Forwards!'

In addition to their talks, each speaker will give FOUR WORDS of advice to help us move forwards with our lives and careers. We feel that any small, suggested change can be summarised in four words. 

Using the funds raised from last year’s Vet Cookbook. A complementary topic to One Welfare, this is a heads-up for those of you planning leave and airfares. To encourage you to enrol in the 3rd day we are offering you a 50% discount for the mental health and wellbeing workshop. 

Visit the Mental Wellbeing for Veterinary Teams webpage for more information.

This event is organised in collaboration with the ‘One Welfare’ project node of the Charles Perkins Centre

When: Sunday 13 October, 2019 6:00 pm AEST - Tuesday 15 October, 2019 4:00 am AEST
Where: TAG Family Foundation Grandstand, Oval Number 2, The University of Sydney, Camperdown NSW 2050, Australia
  1. Animal hoarding
  2. Animal welfare
  3. Climate
  4. Human-animal interactions
  5. Mental health and well-being
  6. sustainability
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