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HABRI Central Reviews Migration

  1. Christopher C Charles

    Over the past few months, Dr. Myrna Milani has been leading the organization and production of the HABRI Central Reviews series, posting her initial take on her blog. Her efforts have been instrumental in getting this series rolling and we simply cannot thank her enough.

    Now that we’re several reviews in, we have begun to realize that her HABRI Central blog may not be the best place for these reviews to live. To make these reviews more relevant to those interested in the various texts they describe, we will be moving future and existing reviews to their respective records in the HABRI Central bibliography. The Your Brain on Nature reviews and comments, for example, will be moved to the “Reviews” tab of its bibliographic record. This should help others in assessing the value of that and other books without necessarily forcing them to go through Dr. Milani’s blog (not that she doesn’t also deserve the exposure..!).

    We will be keeping the original blog entries available for viewing, though we will be redirecting comments to the new locations.

    Don’t forget that if you’re interested in reviewing any of the items contained in the HABRI Central library, you can leave comments at any time simply by clicking on the “Reviews” tab of that record.

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