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Student looking for human-animal bond researchers

  1. Jill Marie Robinson

    Hi there, I am new around here but am very excited to see such an intriguing group of people! I am currently an undergraduate student of psychology in Canada and will be applying to graduate school in December and January. I struggled to define my exact research interests under the broad category of Clinical psychology but I happened upon a paper written by U of T professor, Margaret Schneider. Her article addressed dogs and their impact on perceptions of psychotherapists. I was surprised to see this research on the human-animal bond and I cannot get the topic out of my mind since! I would love to explore the human-animal bond, particularly between humans and dogs, as a possible dissertation in my graduate studies. However, I am struggling to find researchers who are actively exploring this topic. I am extending my greatest gratitude to anyone who might be able to point me in the direction of any colleagues or fellow researchers that are pursuing this area. Also, because I am a Canadian student, I would be extra grateful to anyone who could point me towards a Canadian researcher, as the cost of being an international student is very high.

    Thank you very much,

    Jill Robinson :)

  2. Alan M. Beck

    Welcome to HABRI Central. I will contact you privately with some people active in Canada.

  3. Christopher C Charles

    There’s also Eileen Bona, who has been known to frequent these boards. In addition to being actively involved in the animal-assisted therapy scene, she also teaches out of Alberta.

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