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Connecticut to enact animal-assisted therapy legislation in October

  1. Christopher C Charles

    Dr. Kay Trotter reports that the Connecticut General Assembly has passed its Animal Assisted Therapy Bill. The bill, which was signed by the governor in June, takes effect October, 2013, and will see the introduction of several animal-assisted therapy programs throughout the state. Among the programs to be created include training and education programs, therapy programs for children and young victims of trauma, a canine crisis response team, and an accountability assessment to gauge the effectiveness of these new programs.

    More information about the bill, including a complete version of it, can be found at the Connecticut General Assembly website.

  2. Eileen Bona

    This is very exciting and we are interested in getting a similar initiative here in Canada. If anyone has any advice or information that might assist us, Please contact me. I am with Dreamcatcher Nature Assisted Therapy Association and we are currently doing public awareness to our counsellors, mayor and other local politicians. We have begun the first Animal Assisted Therapy Certification process in our country and are working on National standards. As well, our provincial health department has awarded a contract to put AAT into their hospitals, addiction centres, seniors homes, etc. It is an exciting time for AAT here in Alberta.

    We are so excited to see this passed as a Bill in Connecticut and we hope to be able to learn from the people who were instrumental in making this happen.

    We look forward to following the progress of this initiative in Connecticut and commend those who worked so hard to make it happen!

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