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New study exploring the scientist-animal relationship

  1. Angeline Siegel

    Little is known about the scientist-animal relationship, so the focus of the present inquiry is to discover the qualities, characteristics, themes, and contexts that people who are directly working in human-animal and animal-focused fields use to describe these human-animal moments. 

    As part of a larger mixed method dissertation study, participants are invited to answer a 10-15 min online survey about their experiences with animals.  If you have a PhD and come into close proximity to the animals you study, please take a moment to help.  All responses are completely anonymous.

    To take the survey, please follow the link below:


    Your assistance is greatly appreciated.  Should you have any questions about the study or survey, please feel free to contact the principle investigator, Angeline Siegel directly at:

    Thank you,

    Angeline M. Siegel, MS PhD (candidate)

    College of Mind-Body Medicine

    Saybrook University

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