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Hee haw - donkey assisted therapy

  1. Nancy Willard

    My name is Nancy Willard. I have a background in special education and law and currently focus on bullying prevention. (http://embraceciviity.org) I also own several donkeys.

    The approach I recommend to educators for helping young people foster positive relations and reduce hurtful behavior is to help them self-regulate/self-calm and think things through - recognizing that they and others can change. The natural behavior of donkeys when faced with a challenge or an unknown situation is to stop and think things through. Donkeys also love to do obstacle courses.

    So what I was thinking of for my next career focus (don't want to tell you how many) is developing, implementing, and evaluating approaches to use donkeys, with a specific focus on kids who have experienced trauma or face other challenges.

    I am interested in any research that specifically focuses on donkeys, as well as any research that involves people working with animals to engage in any kind of problem-solving.

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