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Cohort Studies

  1. Nicole Eugenia Bulpett

    Dear Community,

    I am an Epidemiology doctoral student. I am reaching out to community members to determine if someone runs/is involved with or knows of someone involved with a cohort study. My goal is to determine if there are established cohort studies where human-animal interaction questionnaire items are part of the data collection protocol.

    If indeed there is no cohort established already looking at this, I would still be eternally grateful if anyone is able to connect me with researchers in this area of inquiry who may have an established cohort they are following. I would like to reach out to these individuals to inquire about integrating a tool I am developing as part of my dissertation. 

    Thank you so very much.


    Nicole Bulpett 

  2. Terri Lynn Straiton

    Hi Everyone


    My name is Terri Straiton. I am a teacher and counsellor working as the Social Emotional Learning Helping teacher in a medium sized school district in British Columbia Canada. I have been working in special education and SEL for over 30 years.  My Masters thesis was on the impact of AAT -particularly a school dog on students with mental health and behavioural challenges.  

    I am extremely passionate about this work and am interested in further research.  Does anyone know of any doctoral opportunities in this area.

    I would appreciate any help you might be able to provide.

    Many thanks



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