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  • Created 06 Mar 2012

IAHAIO Conference

  1. Nancy Parish-Plass

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm a bit late in posting this, but better late than too late!

    This summer, July 11-13 in Paris, there will be the triennial conference for IAHAIO - International Association for Human-Animal Bond Organizations. There is a call for abstracts, and the deadline is December 14th. I know that at least a couple of members of this group are submitting abstracts. Anyone else interested in doing so? Then time to be efficient and get your act together to send in an abstract about something you are doing that is innovative, or about some unique insight you have about your work, or research, or whatever. 

    The link for the conference:

    And, of course, come even if you will not be presenting! Geza Kovacs (a member of this group) and I are sending in a request to set up a working group, or networking group, for AAP to try to get started an international cooperation and discussion group within IAHAIO for the sake of sharing information and translating articles. So - come and take part!


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