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  • Created 06 Mar 2012

Help looking for a possible reference

  1. Nancy Parish-Plass

    Hi Everyone!

    A colleague of mine who is very much involved with research and academic writing in the areas of the human-animal bond, attachment theory and the therapeutic alliance asked me the following question:

    "Do you know any references concerning people who are able to COMPENSATE for their difficulty in creating meaningful relationships with other people through meaningful connections with animals?"

    She is looking for a reference that is of high quality, not just a passing comment or impression, preferably based on research, by a well-known researcher, in a well-respected journal.

    I look forward to hearing from any of you who have any ideas on the subject. THIS is what this group is for!!!

    By the way, I have arrived at the IAHAIO conference in Paris and have already run into Anne Howie (of this group). Others are to arrive today and I look forward to seeing them. If anyone that I don't know about is here or on their way, please make sure and come up to me so we can meet face-to-face. And for sure, come to the workshop tomorrow (Monday) afternoon that I am running with Geza Kovacs (also in this group) with the goal of setting up a wider network of AAP therapists, and possible setting up a division of AAP within IAHAIO.

    I look forward to hearing any reactions to this email!


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  2. Melanie Jones

    Hi Nancy

    These are not directly linked - however

    Schneider, M., & Pilchak-Harley (2006) report that Psychotherapists pictured with a dog were rated as more 'trustworthy', more 'attractive', and increased 'willingness to disclose'. (Anthrozoos 19 (2) 128-142.

    The other one is written by one of your colleagues so Im sure you've already got it! Zilch-Mano, Mikulincer, & Shaver (2011) found that pet attachment (companion animals) could be independent of/ counter-complementary to human attachment. Attachment and Human Development 13 (6) 541-561.


    Would love to hear of any others!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Nancy Parish-Plass

    Thanks Melanie!

    And a spoiler: It was Sigal Zilcha-Mano who asked me for the reference :-)

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  4. Melanie Jones

    Yes, I figured!!! lol

    Well that's the price you pay for being at the forefront of the field!! haha

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