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What is the Bibliography?

The HABRI Central Bibliography (formerly Citations) an electronic card catalog and database of bibliographic records. It contains bibliographic references to a variety of types of human-animal bond literature and other materials. Every entry in the Bibliography contains information about a text's title, author(s), and other metadata where available. When possible, each entry is linked to its version of record through its digital object identifier (DOI). Some entries also contain other links to locations where the items may be found. If an abstract for an entry is available, it can be viewed by hovering over the entry's title.

Items in the Bibliography are tagged according to HABRI Central's tagging system to indicate the type of content contained within them. These tags can be used to find related content.

How can I save bibliographic records?

The records contained within the can be saved and/or exported using third party reference manager software. Items can be marked for export using the check boxes located to the left of each entry. Once you have selected all of the items you wish to export, you may save those records by clicking on either the "EndNote" or "BibTex" buttons located in the upper right-hand corner of the page depending on the export format you wish to use. The Bibliography also supports context objects in spans (COinS) for reference managers that support them. To save records using this functionality, refer to the instructions provided by your reference manager.

Why do some entries not feature abstracts?

Where possible, abstract information is provided for each entry in the HABRI Central Bibliography. However, in some cases, this information may be unavailable due to licensing restrictions or other issues.

Who manages the bibliography?

The HABRI Central Bibliography is maintained by faculty librarians located at Purdue University. They are responsible for adding new records as well as maintaining existing ones. Contributions from HABRI Central users also play a vital role in the support of the Bibliography. Registered users may add records through the Bibliography page.

For questions about the HABRI Central Bibliography, contact us at bibliography@habricentral.org.

I've found an error in the Bibliography—who should I contact?

The accuracy of the Bibliography is of great importance to us. If you think you've found a typo, omission, or other problem with a record in the HABRI Central Bibliography, contact us at bibliography@habricentral.org with details about the error.

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